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Browning Shotguns

The two most talked about Browning shotguns represent two ends of the spectrum of Browning shotguns.

The first is the Browning Superposed, which was the worlds first successful Over/Under shotgun.

The second is the Browning Cynergy, a very modern shotgun which incorporates the latest design concepts for an Over/Under shotgun.

Articles on Browning Shotguns

The Many Faces of the Browning Superposed

The Superposed was the world’s first over and under shotgun — at least the first to be blessed with resounding success.

Browning hits target with autoloader for women

The Browning Gold series of shotguns is immensely popular with men and women shooters. The Gold Ladies Sporting Clays shows Browning really listened to women shooters and gave them what they wanted.

Browning’s new shotgun designed for women

The WSSF Sporting Clays Shotgun may be based on the Browning 425, but it is not simply a chopped-down version. Great efforts were made to alter the stock dimensions so that it would be more comfortable for women to shoot and would fit a woman’s body. The over-and-under shotgun currently comes in 12 gauge only, with a 28-inch barrel and weighs in at 7 pounds, 4 ounces.

Striking shotgun designs for the 21st Century

If at times you have felt that the shotgun world is a bit too conservative, wait until you see and handle the new models being fielded by Browning and Benelli. Browning’s “Cynergy” O/U and Benelli’s “Super Black Eagle II” autoloader are brilliant breakthroughs in mechanical design and their racy lines simply shout “21st Century” hi-tech.

Manuals for Browning Shotguns



BPS (Older models)



Gold Fusion

Gold 12 & 20 ga.

Gold 12 & 20 ga. (Older models)


Gold 10 ga.

Gold 3 1/2″ 12 ga.

Superposed B-25 and B-125, Continental Superposed Shotguns and Express Rifles

2000 Automatic




Auto-5 Light

Auto-5 Magnum

B-80 & B-80 Plus


BT-99 Plus


Citori Plus

Recoilless Trap Single Barrel

Books on Browning Shotguns

Browning Superposed: John M. Browning's Last Legacy
Browning Superposed: John M. Browning’s Last Legacy

North America’s top-selling over and under gun is honored in more than 600 detailed photos, including 100 stunning color images, in the paperback version of the best selling The Browning Superposed. Browning fans will discover sections about Browning family business history, information about the engraving process, charts with sales data and total number of guns sold, and serial numbers for every gun produced. The Browning Superposed is a book rich in company history and sales information, that also is a photographic feast sure to inspire any collector of double-barrel firearms.