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A good knife can mean the difference between life and death. A good knife is a constant companion and an effective tool for innumerable field tasks, shop chores, and everyday duties.

While there is no universal agreement on the exact criteria which define the perfect combat knife, or the perfect field knife, or the perfect multi-purpose utility knife, the knife makers here represent the top designers in the world today.

Manufacturers of Quality Knives

Mike Snody Custom Knives

Performance, craftsmanship and value, it takes all three to make a great knife. You will get all three when you buy a Snody Knife.

Tactical Operational Products

Tops Advanced Tactical Knives


For over 17 years, SOG has been creating award-winning knives and gear-driven, multipurpose tools that are renowned around the world for their uncompromising style and performance

Ka-Bar Knives

KA-BAR Knives manufactures the world-famous KA-BAR U.S.M.C. Fighting/Utility Knife, along with many other fine knives for outdoorsmen, hunters, fishermen, and knife collectors

Boker USA

Manufacturer of Heckler & Koch, Kalashnikov, and Applegate knives, in addition to many quality folding knives

Cold Steel

High performance knives, daggers, kukris, tomahawks, throwers and survival tools

Columbia River Knife and Tool

Dedicated to making practical, purpose-driven knives that are high in quality, innovative in design, and tops in value

Smith & Wesson Special Ops Knives

Tactical combat folding knives and sheath knives for military, police, public service, outdoorsment and adventurers

Benchmade Knives

Benchmade Knife Company, Inc. manufactures knives for a loyal and ever growing following of knife users. As we move into the 21st century we are poised for even more exciting opportunities, innovations and ongoing total world-class quality. Here at Benchmade we employ a simple philosophy – “Make it cool, make it solid, make it happen and definitely make it Benchmade.”

Camillus Knives

America’s premier knife maker since 1876

Strider Knives

Strider Knives is a privately owned and operated company devoted solely to the development and construction of edged tools designed to survive use in the harshest of conditions. The company was founded and is currently operated by former military personnel. The initial goal was to provide a field service knife constructed with the finest components available, yet affordable to the average enlisted man and within his maintenance abilities.

Mission Knives

Mission Knives & Tools is a small company possessing a highly creative and energetic design crew. The knives that Mission designs are not only new and unique in their physical appearance, but also in their material composition for the production of indestructible and long lived cutting equipment. Mission’s knives are among the best ever made by anyone. It is a knife to be proud to own – as an example – the MPK is recognized as the premier knife by Special Operations, Special Forces and EOD around the world.

Resellers of Quality Knives

Bayonet Collectibles

Check out the modern bayonets listed in the “Current Militaria (2001-Now)” category.

Steels Used in Modern Knives


An American made premium grade stainless steel originally developed for turbine blades in jet engines. The predecessor to ATS-34, which has now seen a strong resurgence in the knife market. Good corrosion resistance with excellent toughness and edge quality.


An American made and developed premium grade stainless steel created especially for knives. It is a powder made steel with uniform structure and clean steel properties. As a blade it offers excellent corrosion resistance and excellent edge qualities.


An air-hardened tool steel, which offers good corrosion resistance and excellent mileage in wear resistance. A good choice for hard use environments.


A high-chromium stainless steel with an excellent balance of good hardness and excellent corrosion resistance. 440C takes a nice edge and comes back fairly easy as well. An excellent value priced steel for its performance.


A very tough, tool grade high-speed steel used primarily as a cutting steel in the industrial area. It offers excellent strength and wear resistance. Due to its make up, it is highly susceptible to corrosion, so it must be coated for protection against the environment. An excellent choice for hard use environments.


An Austrian made stainless steel, which is comparable to 440C in performance and value. Keen edge qualities with excellent corrosion resistance.


A high-carbon, low chromium stainless steel, which offers a good balance of toughness, edge sharpness and corrosion resistance.


A high-chromium stainless steel, which offers maximum corrosion resistance in both salt water and fresh water-100-percent corrosion resistant. The tradeoff in performance is good edge quality with good edge toughness, so we use it in wet environment rescue or emergency tool applications.


A specially forged, layered steel makeup of a variety of steels. It offers excellent toughness and edge quality. For finishing, the surface layers or lines are exposed through an acid etch, which creates a very unique visual effect. Used in special applications due to its inherent high cost and artistic nature.

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