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Cartridge Information and Reloading Data

Accurate Reloading

Started by a group of shooters, whose interests include hunting, target shooting and plain plinking. The idea was to share what we have learned from hunting, reloading, gunsmithing and any other shooting related ideas. We are not affiliated to any company involved in the shooting and hunting sports. So what you will find here are our actual experiences, good or bad.

Load Your Own

Dedicated to the art of handloading ammunition. A wealth of information pertaining to all aspects of reloading.

M.D. Smith’s Reloading Pages

Devoted to hand reloading of pistol and rifle cartridges.

My Cartridge Reloading Data Page

Reloading Information for Rifle, Pistol and Revolver Cartridges.

Rob’s Reloading Data

Reloading Database

Steve’s Reloading Pages

The Reload Bench

A web site where people of similar interests can search, explore, find answers, and share their knowledge and experiences of reloading with others

Reloading Data from Ammunition Manufacturers

Accurate Powder

Accurate Powder Reloading Data

Alliant Powder

Alliant Powder Interactive Reloaders Guide


Hodgdon Powder Company Reloading Data

IMR Reloaders’ Guide

IMR Handloader’s Guide


Reloading data for Nosler bullet products.


Speer Supplemental Reloading Data

Reloading Safety Information


Safe Reloading Procedures

IMR Smokeless Powders

Reloading Safety


The Basic Rules of Reloading Safety

Reloading Forms

Reloading Data Form

Useful form for reloading record keeping from Z-Hat

Reloading Data Log

Reloading Data Log from The Reload Bench.

Introductions to Reloading

NRMA Introduction to Reloading

Introduction to Reloading

NRMA QuickTime Movies

QuickTime movies demonstrating everything in the NRMA Introduction to Reloading

The Reload Bench

Quick Reference Reloading Guide

Downloadable Free Software for Reloading

Rob’s Reloading Organizer

RRO is a combination reloading data storage and ballistics program. Some programs specialize in displaying ballistic information, with a limited ability to store specific information about your loads and the specifics about your firearms. Other programs concentrate on storing data, but still don’t keep all the data you need if you are a “precision” reloader.

Web Based Free Software for Reloading

Books on Reloading

Cartridges of the World (Cartridges of the World)
Cartridges of the World (Cartridges of the World)


This benchmark volume is the foremost source for cartridge information. Hunters, target shooters, military history buffs, ammunition reloaders and cartridge collectors alike will find all the answers to their cartridge and shotshell questions in this comprehensive book that includes 1,500+ cartridges.

This reference book includes detailed photos, dimensional drawings and loading data. Descriptions of obsolete American cartridges tell the tale of ammunition used by settlers, cowboys and outlaws during the nation’s westward expansion, and offer insights into unusual rounds that never caught on. Hunters and shooters can improve their success with the useful ballistics tables.

Handloader's Digest: The World's Greatest Handloading Book (Handloader's Digest, 18th ed)
Handloader’s Digest: The World’s Greatest Handloading Book (Handloader’s Digest, 18th ed)

Handloaders are meticulous hobbyists who constantly search for better loads, components, and the tools to assemble cartridges. They expect the best from their components and tools, and this updated digest is an assemblage of authoritative articles discussing various facets of the reloading hobby. New indepth articles from expert writers cover casting bullets, working handloads, choosing the right components for the job, new techniques, ballistics, reloading safety, and much more. Enthusiasts will gain insight into new reloading trends, as well as available equipment and accessories from major manufacturers. Extensive and valuable reference information includes listings of all handloading periodicals and books, plus directories of products and manufacturers.

ABC's of Reloading (ABC's of Reloading)
ABC’s of Reloading (ABC’s of Reloading)

Starting with the basics, this guide leads the reader through the process of reloading with ease. Perfect for beginners and a great refresher for experienced reloaders, the book first discusses all the necessary tools and accessories needed to get started, then goes through step-by-step instructions and safety tips for loading your own metallic cartridges and shotshells. Helpful illustrations guide readers through each step and make the process easy to understand. The ABC’s of Reloading covers all aspects of the hobby, from benchrest loading techniques, to ballistic software, to competition and hunting loads and more. It also includes a comprehensive directory of reloading manufacturers. The guide carefully pieces together steps and techniques for reloading into an understandable process, outlining the basic procedures and providing information on cartridge cases, primers, powders, bullets, equipment and much more, putting beginners on the road to becoming experts!

Metallic Cartridge Reloading
Metallic Cartridge Reloading


Gun Digest Book of Handgun Reloading
Gun Digest Book of Handgun Reloading


Reloading for Shotgunners (Reloading for Shotgunners)
Reloading for Shotgunners (Reloading for Shotgunners)


The Ultimate in Rifle Accuracy: A Handbook for Those Who Seek the Ultimate in Rifle Accuracy; Whether It Be for Competition, Testing, or Hunting
The Ultimate in Rifle Accuracy: A Handbook for Those Who Seek the Ultimate in Rifle Accuracy; Whether It Be for Competition, Testing, or Hunting


Ammo and Ballistics
Ammo and Ballistics

All you ever needed to know about ammunition has finally been collected in one volume!

The Hunter's Guide to Ballistics: Practical Advice on How to Choose Guns and Loads, and Use them Effectively
The Hunter’s Guide to Ballistics: Practical Advice on How to Choose Guns and Loads, and Use them Effectively

Now for the first time, here is a book written specifically for hunters about the guns and loads that they use. In this complete and fully illustrated digest, you’ll read about such diverse topics as: how to improve your long-range shooting; how to shoot accurately in winds of any speed or direction; how to solve the problems associated with shooting up and down hills; what causes mirage and how to read it; why some bullets shoot tighter groups farther away; how gunpowder is made; why bullets that move left also rise; which cartridges are suitable for everything plus comprehensive ballistics tables.

Modern Sporting Rifle Cartridges
Modern Sporting Rifle Cartridges


Shotshells and Ballistics: Ballistic Data Out to 70 Yards for Shotshells from .410-, 28-, 20-, 16-, 12-, and 10-Gauge for over 1,700 Different Loads and 23 Manufacturers
Shotshells and Ballistics

There is a bewildering array of commercially loaded shotgun shells for sale, from the .410 to the 10-gauge. In fact, there are more types of shells and shot sizes on the market now than ever before. With the overwhelming selection of shells available, here, finally, is a practical, reasonably priced book that makes sense of it all. It lists commercially available shotshell loads from the .410-bore to the 10-gauge, in all shot sizes available, different shot types (lead, steel, bismuth, tungsten, and others) so that the shooter or hunter can quickly find what will be best for the gun he has and the game or targets he wants to shoot. Each shotgun shell with each loading has its own table–over 1,600 tables!!–showing shot size; weight of shot; recoil; average number of pellets in the shell; manufacturer’s order number; shell length and type of hull; type of wad; and whether the shot is buffered or not. In addition, each table contains data that details velocity (in 10-yard intervals from 0 to 70 yards); average pellet energy; and time of flight in seconds. This book includes complete ballistic tables for every hull length and every shot-size load made from the following manufacturers: Aguila Ammunition, Armscor, ARMUSA, Baschieri & Pellagri, Bismuth Cartridge Company, Brenneke, Clever s.r.l., Dionisi, Eley Hawk, Estate Cartridge Company, Federal, Fiocchi, Gamebore, Hevi-Shot (now loaded exclusively by Remington), Kent, Lightfield, PMC, Polywad, Remington, RIO, RST, Sellier & Bellot, and Winchester. In addition, this informative reference contains authoritative articles on the history and development of shotshells and the components and technical data that govern the production of shotshells. Never before has so much information on shotshells and ballistics been placed in a single book. Accentuated with photos from the field and the range, this is a reference book unlike any other.

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