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Air Guns

When G. Gordon Liddy was not legally allowed to own a firearm, his home protection weapon was an air gun loaded with pellets dipped in liquid nicotine — a lethal combination!

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Manufacturers of Air Guns


Russian manufacturer of competition air guns like the IZH-32BK and IZH-46

TAU Brno

Czech manufacturer of quality air guns


American manufactuer of quality air guns, including competition match pistols


American manufacturer of a vast range of air guns, including the excellent Avanti competition models


American manufactuer of a wide range of air guns, including the Crosman Challenger 2000 competition air rifle

Air Force Air Guns

American manufacturer of innovative high-tech air guns for the serious adult, including the Talon SS.

Webley Scott

British manufacturer of quality air guns, including the 1170 FPS Patriot Export

Dynamit Nobel RWS

German manufacturer of quality air guns


German manufacturer of quality air guns

Air Arms

British manufacturer of quality air guns

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Gamo Airguns- Silver Shadow 1000 fps .177 cal
Gamo Airguns- Silver Shadow 1000 fps .177 cal

Many shooters prefer the look of a silver barrel with a satin black stock. Meet the Gamo Silver Shadow and Silver Shadow Supreme. They have a rifled steel barrel, finished in non-glare nickel, and features the same stock (and specs) as the ever-popular Shadow 1000. And you get all of this power with just one cock of the barrel. The Gamo Shadow 1000 series has an overall length of 43.8″ and weighs 6.2 lbs. The stock has twin cheek pads, one molded on each side of the stock so that it is just as comfortable to shoot right or left handed. A two-stage adjustable trigger with its manual safety and automatic anti-bear trap safety are standard. Its supreme power, accuracy and all new looks make it a shooter’s favorite. The Shadow series come equipped with Two-color Tru-Glo sights. Sights: Fiber optics – contrasting fiber colors in the front and rear sight, front sight – red 0.40 millimeters in diameter, rear sight – yellow 0.60 millimeters in diameter rear sight – adjustable millimetric for both windage and elevation.

Winchester 1000xs Pellet Rifle- 1000 FPS with 3-9X32 Scope
Winchester 1000xs Pellet Rifle- 1000 FPS with 3-9X32 Scope

This model comes with a Winchester 3-9X32 scope and mounting hardware! One of the oldest, most respected and revered firearms makers in American history is now the first to ever put its name on a brand of air rifle, Winchester. With handsome walnut stocks and solid metal construction, these Quick Power, break-barrel air rifles are among the finest airguns Daisy Outdoor Products has ever offered. They truly live up to the legendary Winchester reputation. When Winchester decided to put its name on an air rifle, it had to be the best. Their break-barrel actions give you Quick Power, up to 1,000 fps. Muzzle velocity, in just one pump! Features rifled barrels, micro-adjustable rear sights and hooded front sights to ensure accuracy. This version is a real tackdriver, the receivers are grooved for optics and a high quality scope is included. Handsome walnut stocks complete the package. Winchester is a registered trademark used under a license by Daisy. Other Features- SAFETY: Auto rear button SIGHTS: Hooded front with blade and ramp, micro-adjustable rear SCOPE: Winchester 3-9×32 Hunting Scope STOCK/FOREARM: Sporter-style select walnut BARREL: Rifled steel, solid steel shroud.

Books on Air Guns

Co2 Pistols & Rifles
Co2 Pistols & Rifles


Current safety trends encourage shooters to opt for guns of less power, especially CO2-powered guns. Several airgun shooters are not required to go through the traditional buying procedures of high-powered pistols and rifles, such as background checks and waiting periods. Plus, companies such as Colt, Smith & Wesson, and Walther manufacture high quality CO2 products that are visually indistinguishable from their traditional firearms.

In this new guide to CO2-powered pistols and rifles, James E. House offers a comprehensive history of CO2 guns, dating back to the 1930s, and a discussion of propulsion, pellets, and sights. Beginning shooters are introduced to the market with a complete analysis on performance and accuracy of currently available products. Airgun enthusiasts are reunited with CO2 classics no longer being manufactured. This book also offers additional sections on target shooting, games, and varmints.

Offers a comprehensive history of CO2 pistols and rifles dating back to the 1930s. Includes a categorical review of BB pistols, .177 caliber pistols, .20 and .22 caliber pistols, and rifles. Discover products currently available only on the secondary market

American Air Rifles
American Air Rifles

Pellet rifles aren’t just for youngsters. Casual shooters, plinkers, and hunters of all ages have discovered hours of shooting enjoyment in their backyard or basement. Now air rifle enthusiasts can gain a better understanding of their hobby with this essential reference. Available air rifles chambered for.177,.20, and.22 caliber are evaluated, providing the guidance readers need to wisely choose an air rifle specific to their needs. Performance data is included for more than a dozen models from such manufacturers as Daisy, Crosman, Benjamin-Sheridan, Beeman, and Gamo. Air rifle ballistics, sights, pellets, games, and hunting caliber recommendations are thoroughly explained to help shooters get the most out of their American air rifles.

Total Airguns
Total Airguns

Airgun shooting is one the fastest growing and most popular shooting sports, enjoyed by hunters of all ages. This book covers every aspect from choosing a rifle and scope to fieldcraft and hunting techniques, camouflage, decoys, nightshooting, and equipment maintenance. A wealth of information for all levels of experience.