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Class Three (III) Gun Dealers

Class Three (III) gun dealers are authorized to sell National Firearms Act (NFA) weapons.

These gun dealers can do everything your average neighborhood gun dealers can do, but they have also taken the extra time and effort to navigate the abusive federal licensing process necessary to be able to legally sell those weapons restricted by the National Firearms Act.

Please support your local Class III gun dealers.

Class Three Gun Dealers


Knesek Guns
Class 1 dealer and Class 3 Full auto dealer. Knesek Guns deals at “true dealer cost” plus 5%.


SAS is a fully licensed Class II (Manufacturer of NFA Firearms) and Class III (Dealer of NFA Firearms) armory services shop, specializing in meeting the NFA firearms requirements of our tactical and law enforcement customers. Armory services available include: NFA conversions of factory firearms (Full auto fire conversions for government and military agencies ONLY), custom built NFA class firearms, retail sales of factory built NFA firearms on a special order basis, and Class III firearm transfers.


Executive Gun Runners
Online gun store offering handguns, rifles, shotguns, firearms, ammunition, accessories, optics, holsters, and NFA / Title II weapons.


Arizona Gun Runners
Arizona Gun Runners is a Law Enforcement Wholesale Distributor of Arms, Firearms, Pistols, Rifles, Mossberg Shotguns, Machine Guns, Submachine Guns and Class III weapons and Tactical accessories. AGR ships these products to Law Enforcement Departments and Individual Law Enforcement Officers throughout the US and ships Accessories throughout the World. Police, Military, Fire Departments and all Public Safety Agencies – City, Town, County and State Agencies are also served.

Barrett Tactical Systems
Barrett Tactical Systems is a fully licensed Class III FFL featuring Law Enforcement, retail, online and special order sales.


Alan Samuel Civilian and Law Enforcement Sales
Our Mission is to provide high quality firearms and firearms accessories to the front range communities. We specialize in Law Enforcement sales and NFA items.

Grizzly Outdoors
Class I and Class III (NFA) weapons dealer.


Heavy Metal Armory
Heavy Metal Armory serves as a premier provider to US Law Enforcement Agencies, Individual Officers, and Military Entities.

Ruben A. Mendiola, Jr.
Class III Dealers Since 1985.

Only The Best
Only the Best Firearms and Accessories was founded and incorporated in 2001 by it’s president, Vito A. Servideo. “OTB” is a natural extension of Vito’s enthusisasm in high-grade,quality, collectible firearms. Vito prides himself, and his company, on the excellent customer service he provides to each, and every one of his customers. In addition, he will research and locate requested firearms. Vito holds a Title 01 FFL and Class III SOT. These licenses allow him to service any request or need you may have. If there is anything that you are looking for, and you don’t see it, please feel free to ask, we will try our best to get it for you.

Broward Pawn and Gun
Broward Pawn And Gun Is A Class 3 Weapons Dealer We Also Buy, Sale And Trade Class 3 Weapons. Check Out Our List Of Fine Firearms In Our Class III Category. If You Haven’t Seen What Your Looking For, Let Us Do The Search, We Have Plenty Of Sources To Find That Precise Weapon Your Needing For Your Collection. If You Have Found That Class III Firearm From Another Dealer, We Provide Firearm Transfer Service.


Sullivan Classic Arms and Militaria
We have been in the collectible firearms and militaria business since 1992. We buy, sell, trade, and consign items, including collectible firearms and modern firearms – including Class III items – , militaria, firearms parts and accessories, edged weapons, optics, and books. We provide firearms and militaria finder services, collection and estate appraisals and sales. We can manufacture under a Class II federal license. We can clean and repair almost anything, specializing in out-of-production and obsolete parts and in optics.

Dixie Ammo Dump
Firearms/Ammunition and accessories at below retail prices Specializing in hard to find firearms, ammunition and accessories that other dealers cannot find or care to get for the firearm enthusiast. Tired of paying suggested retail prices and poor customer service? We meet or beat all competitor’s prices and treat all customers in a professional manner. Dixie Ammo Dump is a full line firearms dealer with access to any firearm, ammunition and accessories on the planet! We are also Class III dealers in NFA (machine guns and suppressors) selling to law abiding peacable citizens and law enforcement officers. Law enforcement/Military discounts available with proper I.D.


The Gun Runner
The Gun Runner, a division of American Pennant Corporation, is a manufacturer and dealer of NFA firearms located in Moscow, Idaho. The company was founded in 1988. The Gun Runner Division specializes in manufacturing and sales of both NFA and Title 1 weapons as well as other accessories for the firearms enthusiast.

Tactical Innovations
Tactical Innovations Inc. is a federally licensed firearms manufacturer qualified to manufacture and service traditional federally designated title 1 firearms such as rifles, shot guns and handguns as well as NFA (National Firearms Act) registered firearms such as machine guns, suppressors (silencers), short barreled rifles and shotguns and AOW’s (Any Other Weapon). During our 13+ years of supplying weapons to individual officers, law enforcement departments and qualified civilian individuals, we have received numerous requests for supporting items, such as lock pick tools and pepper spray, which we offer in addition to our firearms inventory and services. Tactical Innovations Inc. is a full time business, not a PO box with an answering machine. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or requirements that we may be able to assist you with.


Sunset Weapons Systems
NFA Firearms & Class 2 Manufacturer.

MJ Taggart’s Arms & Ammunition
Class 3 Gun Dealer and Class 2 Gun Manufacturer. Established 1973.


Why should you buy a Class III firearm from Select-Fire? One reason is that we have been buying and selling these guns for almost 20 years. Another reason is that if you were looking for a gun that we didn’t have in stock, we will find it and put $100 over our cost! Let’s see any other dealer in Maryland match that! Third, all of your purchases are guaranteed for 2 years! We won’t sell to you, and then forget you. One last incentive to buying at Select-Fire, remember, we are also a Submachine gun range. If you purchase a sub-gun or suppressor, you can shoot it at the range while your paperwork is away with the Feds. No one in Maryland can offer that kind of deal!


Northern Maine Tactical Supply
Northern Maine Tactical Supply is a machine gun dealer. We sell machineguns, silencers, tactical weapons, and other Class 3 (Title II) Firearms. We handle transfers of firearms into Maine for Maine residents.


C&S Metall-Werkes
Missouri’s Finest Specialty Weapons Purveyors


Full Autos
We are New Mexico’s premiere Class 3 dealer, with a large selection of Machine Guns, Suppressors, Destructive Devices, AOW’s and Short Barreled shotguns. We have as our resources the entire United States to search for your needs, whether your needs are for Class 3 or traditional firearms and accessories. We will fill those needs at the best price possible. You are invited to our shop anytime. We are open 6 days a week. If you wish to have a demonstration of any weapon in our inventory, please call ahead.


TMC Arms
TMC Arms both manufactures and resells firearms and is a Class III dealer. Our product line includes sporting rifles, handguns, and related equipment plus full auto and silencers. LE buyers: We are always glad to bid on contracts, and have access to a complete line of police and military equipment.


Ike’s Guns
Federal Firearms Class I and III gun dealer. Buy, Sell, Trade, Service.

U.S. Ordnance
U.S. Ordnance has been manufacturing M60 parts since 1984. U.S. Ordnance manufactures the M60 Series machine guns using U.S. Government approved tooling, fixtures and functional gauges. All U.S. Ordnance products are developed and tested to NATO specifications. U.S. Ordnance customers benefit from extensive environmental, endurance and reliability testing, drop tests, ice, mud and water immersion. Each series production U.S. Ordnance machine gun undergoes proof firing, functional and accuracy testing before it leaves the factory. Highest quality standards ensure full interchangeability of parts between all U.S. M60 Machine guns.


ATT Tactical
ATT Tactical is Long Island’s only NFA firearms manufacturer and one of only 5 in the state. Our facilities are equipped to perform production runs from one piece to a thousand. In our shops are state of the art CAD/CAM CNC systems with some of the finest Engineers and Machinists ever assembled. ATT is at the forefront of innovative firearms and supplemental equipment design and manufacture.


Dave’s World
Dave’s World specializes in the legal Acquisition and Transfer of H&K and other makes of registered Title II (NFA) Firearms and Accessories for it’s qualifying Ohio-based customers. Dave’s World also transfers Title II Firearms to or from out-of-state NFA dealers for end-customers. Dave’s World works in conjunction with local Law Enforcement Agencies to help them determine their specific tactical equipment needs, and then helps them acquire the needed firearms and equipment from the various manufacturers as part of a package. Title I (non-NFA) Firearms are also orderable and available as-needed to qualified local (Ohio) customers, as are numerous firearms-related accessories for customers within the continental United States. All products are typically obtained on an “as needed” basis per specific customer orders from our list of wholesalers, distributors and dealers which we have accounts with, unless otherwise noted. Dave’s World, generally speaking, is not a “stocking dealer”, helping keep our prices low by reducing our inventory and therefore our overhead costs. However, some products are currently in stock for immediate sale from either our own inventory, or that of our parteners and associates. For the same reason of keeping our prices low, Business Hours are generally “by appointment only” to our customers and qualified prospective customers. Please be sure to set up a time in advance to come meet with us and discuss your specific product needs. We will then take all the time necessary to explain the different possibilities and meet your specific product needs.


We are a Class I dealer and a Class III dealer. We do all transfers for you at a modest fee. We are listed with the Shotgun News, Gun, The Gun List, and Gun We have access to 36 manufacturers and wholesalers. We can take your order 24/7 via our online store. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover cards. We also can make layaway arrangements with a down payment. Buy here and pay here. We try to keep our overhead low so we can offer you the lowest prices possible. For those of you that go to the guns shows, we are at the large Tulsa gun shows and at the sooner gun shows here in Tulsa. We do travel to towns for the police departments that are interested in special weapons and tactical for swat teams. We are the ONLY authorized Olympic dealer East of Oklahoma City in the State of Oklahoma. We do have a small inventory of hand guns and rifles that we post on this site. Please allow us to be your gun dealer, once you have dealt with us you will see the difference of one to one business.


Chaffee Investment Arms
We are a full service firearms dealer located in Gresham, OR. and specialize in all of your class 1, class 3, manufacturing and general firearm needs. We stock the finest brands of firearms and tactical equipment in the industry and offer them at some of the best prices on the net.

Revelation Arms
Revelation Arms is a firearms repair and manufacturing facility, located in Aloha, Oregon. We are a Title II manufacturer, which means we can offer you fully automatic weapons and silencers, as well as a complete machine shop and gunsmithing services. We have been in business since 1970, proudly serving law enforcement and the public.


SMC Firearms
SMC Firearms is a Class II manufacturer of SBRs and AOWs and a Class III dealer of NFA and LEO machineguns and suppressors.

Armament Services International
Transferable automatic weapons, pre-dealer samples, post-86 dealer samples, grenade lanchers and destructive devices, AOW’s and entry shotguns, suppressors and silencers.

Arms & Ordnance
Arms & Ordnance buys, sells, trades, and brokers NFA and other exotic firearms.

Keystone Arms
Military and Law Enforcement Weapons, Ammunition, Parts, and Accessories.

Targetmaster Indoor Firearm Range and Gun Shop
Targetmaster offers an indoor range, Class I and Class III firearms, and a wide selection of firearm accessories.


HHB Guns
Stocking NFA dealer which also provides NFA transfers.

Dead Bang Guns and Automatics
FFL and NFA Firearms and Weapons Dealer


BluBoy Relics
BluBoy Relics is a stocking Machine Gun Dealer. They offer Machine Guns, Suppressors, A.O.W.’s, Pocket Pistols, and a few Relics of days gone by. The weapons are investment grade and many have historical value. They do selective Class III transfers. Sales are by appointment only. (865)436-6382


North Texas Armament
North Texas’ premier online dealer in firearms, accessories, bulk ammo, and suppressors.

Western Firearms Company
Western Firearms Company (WFC) is a Texas-based Class 3 business located just north of the Dallas/Fort Worth airport. Not only have we been dealing in machine guns for 20 years, but our association with the weapons business in general stretches back to 1971. As specialists in Class 3 weapons and military weapons of all types, WFC boasts one of the largest inventories of collector-grade arms in the state of Texas.


Vector Arms
Vector Arms is a manufacturer, distributor and dealer of UZI and HK variants, accessories, parts, and ammunition. Currently we sell new mini UZI full auto, transferable submachine guns and full sized UZI SBRs (Short Barreled Rifles). We also manufacture HK-93s and 53s in semi-auto .223. We also offer new full-size and mini UZIs in semi-auto configuration. We have a full line of parts for full-size, mini, and micro UZI configurations.

Impact Guns
Machine Guns are a specialty here at Impact. They are very easy to purchase, and are a great investment.


International Police Supply
International Police Supply is a Federally Licensed, Class III Firearms Dealership located in Northern Virginia. We specialize in providing high quality, specialized weapons and equipment to the Law Enforcement Community and to qualified individuals. We sell Machine Guns, Suppressors (silencers), Short Barreled Rifles and Shotguns, as well as “Normal” Rifles, Pistols, Shotguns, Body Armor, Night Vision Devices, Tactical Equipment and other Specialized Military and Police Supplies. We have been in business for over 13 years and have many satisfied Police, Military and Civilian customers.

John M. Appleton
John M. Appleton Co. was established in 1987 as a retail licensed firearms dealer. During 1990 we expanded to include importation of firearms, parts and accessories. The great response caused us to further expanded and offer these imported items on a national level through the “Mail Order” marketplace. The demand for quality sporting arms and surplus was such that we sold the retail portion of our business venture and expanded the importation and mail order trade. In summary, we are a full time dealer and importer of firearms and related products. Our goal is to provide quality firearms at a reasonable price. Our large overseas purchases are sold in “Lot” to various distributors and dealers. For the individual dealer, collector and buyer we purchase items of interest from foreign firearms dealers; mainly England, Australia and South Africa. Please be mindful that we also act as import agents for individuals, returning service members and entities purchasing firearms outside of the United States; and needing assistance with the importation or BATF documentation requirements along with U.S. Customs importation requirements. As you tour this site you will find that we offer a wide range of “hard to find” and desirable quality products. We attempt to clearly and accurately describe the firearms and accessories offered. We completely stand behind every product we sell. Our listing of satisfied clients is a long one. This is not to say we never receive returned firearms, we do. The fact is that our return rate is less than one per-cent (-1%). We have a standard 3-day inspection period for full refund of the cost of the firearm. After many years of mail order sales we learned that 100% of the clients can not be pleased 100% of the time. But, we will strive for that 100% goal; and, if there is a differance of opinion the old adage applies, “The customer is right” and we intend to take action to ensure you are satisfied and pleased at the end of our transaction; whatever the outcome.


Black River Militia
Fine Vintage and Modern Machineguns.


Culpepper’s Specialty Firearms
Culpepper’s Specialty Firearms has been serving customers nationwide as a full service firearms dealer since 1990. We handle a number of unique and hard to find weapons, and are fully licensed to manufacture and sell Title II (fully automatic) weapons and suppressors. Additionally, our inventory also includes a variety of pyrotechnic devices, personal defense merchandise, security equipment, and manuals. We usually have an ample supply of military surplus items on hand, many of which are offered at closeout prices.

Precision Weapons
Class I and Class III stocking firearms dealer.

D&D Guns
Machineguns, Suppressors, AOW’s, SBS’s, SBR’s, Pre-Ban Weapons Law Enforcement, Tactical Weaponry

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    We are a stocking Machine Gun Dealer. We offer Machine Guns, Suppressors, A.O.W.’s, Pocket Pistols, and a few Relics of days gone by. Our weapons are investment grade and many have historical value.
    We do selective Class III transfers. We are by appointment only. (865)436-6382

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