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Free Printable Targets

When we first added this section, there were two sources of free printable targets on the web. Every link below is a source for printable targets, and most of them are free.

Some of these gun targets are black and white, some are color. Some are better rifle targets, while others are better pistol targets. Some are plain, some are scientific, and some are just plain funny. Formats supported include PDF, JPG, BMP, DOC, PostScript, PowerPoint and even some RTF. The trick now seems to be choosing the printable targets which you like best!

Free printable targets can increase your target shooting enjoyment while decreasing your shooting expenses. What could be better?

Targets 4 Free

High-quality free shooting targets for a number of purposes.

Free Printable Targets from Bob Latino

5m, 6m, and 7m air pistol targets. 100 yard and 200 yard benchrest targets, and three sets of sighting squares.

Free Printable Targets from

Targets of Osama bin Laden and Yasser Arafat.

Honeywell Sportsman Club

17 very nice printable targets, including a Mil-Dot Confidence or Double Diamond Target, and a full-color chipmunk.

Murray’s Gunsmithing

Three sets of printable targets, containing 36 targets total.

Thomas Haller

Very nice printable targets, including 12 bullseye targets, 4 silhouette targets, and 12 “real picture” targets

The Reload Bench

8 free printable targets in PDF format.

Ty’s Shooting Interests

16 printable targets, including Osama bin Laden

Modern Firearms & Ammunition

11 printable targets, including a good torso target and an Army 25M pistol target


10 very colorful printable targets

Beartooth Bullets

12 printable targets, including some good scientific targets and a cute little rabbit

Central Jersey Rifle and Pistol Club

17 standard printable targets for Acrobat, PowerPoint, and Word


4 printable targets, including a deer silhouette target

Exploding Groundhog Productions

4 bullseye and grounds printable targets

The Glock FAQ

79 very nice printable targets, too many good ones to describe. #2 source for free printable targets.

18 printable targets in PostScript and PDF

26 printable targets, including a Shooter’s Log, a good ram silhouette target, and a charging rhino target


53 sharpshooter printable targets in GIF format

rec.guns FAQ

29 printable targets in various formats


5 nice printable targets, including a turkey target

13 very creative printable targets, including a good correction target and fun things like playing cards

23 printable targets


147 printable targets, way too many to describe. #1 source for free printable targets.

Varmint Al

14 bench rest printable targets


15 printable targets

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