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Gun Silencers and Suppressors

Adding a firearm silencer or suppressor to your rifle or hand-gun can greatly improve the pleasure of your shooting experience. Over a long period of exposure, shooting can permanently damage your hearing – even if you are wearing firearm hearing protection.

Homemade gun silencers are not difficult to build for most types of firearms. You can build a homemade rifle or pistol silencer in a small home workshop.

Be certain to check all applicable Federal, State, and Local laws before purchasing, building, or installing a gun silencer or suppressor.

Firearm Silencer and Suppressor Information

Introduction to Firearm Suppressor Technology

Basic introduction to firearm silencers.

How to Make a Silencer

Plans to make a firearm silencer from a PVC pipe.

Suppressors / Silencers

Plans to build a firearm silencer from PVC pipe.

The Use of Firearm Sound Suppressors for Wildlife Management

Describes the use of firearm silencers for animal control.

How does a firearm silencer work?

Explanation of how a firearm silencer works from How Stuff Works

Silencer 101

Forget what you’ve seen on TV or read in The Poor Man’s James Bond – the facts about sound suppressors will surprise you.

HEL 5.56 Suppressors for the M16A1

Review and technical information on early suppressors for the M-16

On the Control of Silencers in the United States

In 1934 a bill was passed levying a tax of $200 (4 times the price of a Thompson submachine gun at the time.) on future sales of machine guns. Short-barreled rifles and shotguns, cane guns and silencers were also thrown into the bill, almost as an afterthought. The BATF was set up, and one of its functions today is to collect such a tax. So much of the controversy dealing with Title II weapons is not that they are illegal, but that a tax will be levied on their ownership. Owning one which is not properly registered and taxed is a violation of federal tax code (tax evasion) a felony punishable by large fines and up to ten years in prison.

Firearm Silencer and Suppressor Patents

Expired patents are a great source of technical information and schematics for building homemade silencers.

Each patent application is effectively a set of gun silencer plans.

U.S. Patent 0916885

Silent Firearm

U.S. Patent 0958943

Silent Firearm

U.S. Patent 1004665


U.S. Patent 1017003

Silencer for firearms

U.S. Patent 1021742

Silencer for firearms

U.S. Patent 1066898

Silencer for firearms

U.S. Patent 1111202

Silencer construction for firearms

U.S. Patent 1140578

Noiseless firearm

U.S. Patent 1173687


U.S. Patent 1229675

Firearm silencer and recoil reducer

U.S. Patent 1341363

Silencer and flash obscurer

U.S. Patent 1427802

Firearm silencer, flash cover, and recoil check

U.S. Patent 1487214

Firearm and ammunition therefor

U.S. Patent 1487312

Flash hider

U.S. Patent 1773443

Manufacture of silencers or exhaust tanks for machine firearms and other automatic arms

U.S. Patent 2375617

Firearm Silencer

U.S. Patent 2442773

Sound suppressor

U.S. Patent 2448382


U.S. Patent 2503491

Firearm silencer including side branch chamber

U.S. Patent 2514996

Flash eliminator and silencer for firearms

U.S. Patent 2868078

Noise reducer for firearm

U.S. Patent 2932915

Choke-compensator adaptor for metal-plastic firearm barrel

U.S. Patent 3164060

Firearm recoil, flash and sound reducer assembly

U.S. Patent 3399597

Silent firearm

U.S. Patent 3483794

Firearm barrel for silent launching of a projectile

U.S. Patent 3500955

Firearm silencer with helical suppressor elements

U.S. Patent 3667570

Silencers for firearm, internal combustion engines, or the like

U.S. Patent 3677132

Waterproof sound, flash and recoil suppressor for firearms

U.S. Patent 3713362


U.S. Patent 3748956

Silencer for fire arms

U.S. Patent 3776093

Muzzle blast suppressor

U.S. Patent 3913703

Silencer inner assembly wave interference silencer

U.S. Patent 3948348

Wave interference silencer construction

U.S. Patent 4291610

Silencer for firearms

U.S. Patent 4341283

Sound suppression system

U.S. Patent 4501189

Silenced hand-held firearm with rotating tube and sleeve

U.S. Patent 4510843

Sound suppressor attaching device for firearms

U.S. Patent 4530417


U.S. Patent 4576083

Device for silencing firearms

U.S. Patent 4584924

Silencer for firearms

U.S. Patent 4588043

Sound suppressor for a firearm

U.S. Patent 4643073

Muzzle stabilization arrangement for firearms

U.S. Patent 4833808

Anti-recoil device

U.S. Patent 4939977

Firearm silencer and muzzle protector

U.S. Patent 4869151

Noise and recoil suppressor apparatus for high powered rifles

U.S. Patent 4907488

Device for silencing firearms and cannon

U.S. Patent 4974489

Suppressor for firearms

U.S. Patent 4977815

Self cleaning automatic machine pistol and silencer for the same

U.S. Patent 5029512

Firearm muzzle silencer

U.S. Patent 5036747

Muzzle break

U.S. Patent 5164535

Firearm silencer

U.S. Patent 6079311

Firearm noise and recoil suppressor

U.S. Patent 6302009

Firearm noise and recoil suppressor

U.S. Patent 6425310

Muzzle Brake

U.S. Patent D415812

Firearms noise suppressor

U.S. Patent D415813

Firearms noise suppressor.

Firearm Silencer and Suppressor Owner’s Manuals

Reflex Suppressor

Owner’s manual for the BR Telescopic Reflex Suppressor.

50 caliber Reflex Suppressor

Owner’s manual for the BR .50 Caliber Telescopic Reflex Suppressor.

MP5 Trilock Suppressor

Owner’s manual for the BR MP5 Reflex Suppressor with Easy Bayonet Mount for the Heckler & Koch MP5

MG16 Handfirearm Moderator

Owner’s manual for the BR MX/MG Sound Moderators for 9mm and 7.65mm Pistols

Z-Jet Suppressor

Owner’s manual for the ASE Utra Z-Jet Suppressors

Gun Silencer and Suppressor Manufacturers

Advanced Armament Corp.

Gun silencers for rim-fire and center-fire hand-guns, rifles, and submachine guns

American Manufacturing

Triple-X and Triple-X Warrior .223 threaded or MIRS mounted gun silencers and .22 integrally suppressed rifles

AWC Systems Technology

High efficiency, user friendly gun sound suppressors

Brugger + Thomet

Swiss / German company which manufactures a large assortment of gun silencers.

BR Reflex Suppressors

Reflex Suppressors for Environmental Firearms Noise Control and for Shooter’s Hearing Protection

Capital City Firearms

U.S. manufacturer and reseller of Brugger & Thomet supressors.


World leader in modern gun silencer design


New Zealand based manufacturer of .22 and .223 caliber firearm suppressors.

JMD Distribution

Manufacturer of user-cleanable long-lasting gun silencers.

Ops Inc

Maker of 5.56/.223, .30, .40 and .50 caliber firearm suppressors.

Parabellum Industries

Manufacturer of suppressors, machineguns and short barreled dynamic entry weapons.

The Saddlery & Gunroom

British maker of “Hushpower” shotgun silencers.

LRM Firearms

Makers of the Vidar integrally suppressed Ruger 10/22 rifle.

Paladin Armory

Manufacturer of custom firearms and suppressors.

PES: Percy Engineering Suppressors

New Zealand manufacturer of threaded and integral gun suppressors.

Precision Weapons

Manufacturer of gun suppressors, AOW’s and machine guns

Revelation Arms

Integral silencers for the Ruger 10-22, Ruger 77-22, and Ruger MKII. Screw-on silencers for other .22 caliber handguns and rifles.


SAK is a Finnish manufacturer of .22 caliber pistol suppressors and suppressor adapters


SilencerCo was formed in 2008 with the goal of bringing the most innovative silencers to the market.


.22, .380, 9mm, and .45 caliber suppressors

SRT Arms

SRT Arms manufactures both threaded and integral gun silencers. SRT offers a number of off-the-shelf models, and can also make custom suppressors. SRT manufactures a very nice integral gun silencer based upon the Ruger 77/44. Subsonic .44 ammunition packs quite a whallop!

SWR Suppressors

SWR is a design and manufacturing comany specializing in suppressors and small arms development. SWR was founded in 1994 by Joe Gaddini, a mechanical engineer and former design engineer for Knights Armament. The mission of SWR is to design and manufacture the world’s quietest and most durable suppressors available.

SSK Industries

Maker of the Whispers line of firearm suppressors, from 6mm up to .50 caliber.

Suppressed Tactical Weapons

Threaded gun silencers for many popular guns. STW silencers are installed inside a heavy barrel, giving them the look and feel of integral silencers, and yet allowing removal of the silencer.

Tactical Innovations

High-performance suppressors priced right and popular thread Adapters for gun silencers at great prices

The Riddle of Steel

American manufacturer of a wide range of rifle and pistol silencers and thread adapters.


Home of the legendary John’s Gun Suppressors. Gun silencers built around the Ruger 22/45, Ruger MKII, H&K MP5, Remington 700, Norinco 522, Ruger 77/22, Ruger 10/22, Remington 541T, Marlin Camp 9mm, and the Marlin Camp 45 ACP. Most of the gun silencer models are integral silencers, but some are external.

Valkyrie Arms

Maker of working replicas of historic firearms.

Gun Silencer and Suppressor Dealers

Impact Guns

Dealer of AAC (Advanced Armament) Silencer, AWC Silencers, Bowers Suppressors, Gemtech Silencers, Heckler-Kock Silenrs, HTG Silenrs, Surefire Suppressors, Tactical Innovations Silencers, and Knight’s Silencers. Also sells threaded barrel’s for attaching silencers and subsonic ammunition for use with silencers. Tell Ken that Will sent you!

Elite Firearms

Elite Firearms is a Kentucky-based distributor of Advanced Armament, GemTech, and other gun suppressors

Reflex Suppressors UK

British distributor of Reflex suppressors

Canadian Tactical

Canadian dealer for Reflex and Z-Jet gun suppressors

Artemis AS

Norwegian dealer of BR Reflex, Ase Utra and SAK gun suppressors


Lyddemper is a Finnish reseller of BR Reflex suppressors

Jackson Rifles

Scottish silencer dealer. Distributor of ASE Utra and BR-Tuote Reflex Suppressors to the UK and Ireland. Distributor of SAK silencers.

L’Armurier Breton

French gun silencer distributor. Dealer of BR-Tuore Reflex Suppressors.

International Police Supply

Class III firearms dealer in Northern Virginia.

Books on Firearm Silencers and Suppressors

Modern Firearm Silencers
Modern Firearm Silencers

This illustrated report on suppressor technology presents innovative designs of well-known suppressor manufacturers and offers definitive comparisons of models based on prices, features, kits, independent manufacturers and technological advances. It also examines the history of the gun silencer and the attitudes of the U.S. government, the public and terrorists about its usage.

Home Workshop Silencers I
Home Workshop Silencers I

More than fifty 9″ x 12″ working machinist’s drawings present clear step-by-step directions for building three different advanced firearm silencers for submachine guns and pistols. Improvised materials and machining techniques are suggested. For reference and historical purposes only.

Hayduke Silencer Book
Hayduke Silencer Book

Learn how to make firearm silencers from common items found around the house. George Hayduke, the Master of Revenge, will show you how! Enter the world of muffled mayhem with these simple, effective and legal firearm silencer designs. For information purposes only.

Silent But Deadly: More Homemade Silencers From Hayduke The Master
Silent But Deadly: More Homemade Silencers From Hayduke The Master

Despite what the Brady bunch might say, gun silencers serve some very civilized functions and contribute to a saner, quieter way of life, which is why a lot of folks like them. After reading The Hayduke Silencer Book, many readers shared their own ideas for simple designs you can build at home, legally. Here is the cream of the crop.

How To Make A Silencer For A .22
How To Make A Silencer For A .22

This handy little manual teaches you everything you need to know to legally manufacture a .22 rifle or pistol silencer – without a lathe or welder. These inexpensive homemade silencers give you all the suppression you need, thread on solidly, do not affect your accuracy or the gun’s functioning and last for hundreds of rounds. For academic study only.

How to Make a Silencer For A .45
How to Make a Silencer For A .45

Because it does not produce a sonic “crack,” the .45 is an ideal pistol for a silencer. Here is a nuts-and-bolts guide to making your own silencer for the Colt 1911 Government Model .45 and its clones. Includes construction details for all components, manufacturing tips that will save you time and effort, and plenty of clear illustrations. For academic study only.

Sporting and Tactical Silencers
Sporting and Tactical Silencers

This is the most significant book on firearm silencers in years. Find out the story behind and incredible capabilities of modern silencers used by elite military units and secretive government agencies. Author Alan Paulson has been called “the dean of the American silencer experts today.”

Silencer History and Performance: Cqb, Assault Rifle, and Sniper Technology
Silencer History and Performance: Cqb, Assault Rifle, and Sniper Technology

This highly anticipated second volume in the Silencer History and Performance series provides an unprecedented look into the evolution, tactical employment and performance of historic and state-of-the-art silenced firearms suitable for close-quarters combat, long-distance sniping and other professional applications. It chronicles the production of pioneering silenced weapons used during World War II and the Cold War as well as the more sophisticated low-signature designs and tactics that emerged from the Vietnam War and again during an explosion of creative development in the 1990s. The authors have combined recently declassified materials, numerous confidential sources and years of hands-on evaluations to reveal a wealth of information about today’s incredible screw-on and integral suppressors.

Workbench Silencers : The Art Of Improvised Designs (Silencers)
Workbench Silencers : The Art Of Improvised Designs (Silencers)

Here is a slew of new and interesting improvised silencer designs featuring innovative couplings plus variations on aluminum cans, oil filters, PVC pipe, plumbing devices, water sprinkler pieces and other unique materials. Warning: It is illegal to possess or make firearm silencers without BATF registration. For academic study only.

How To Make A Silencer For A Mini-14
How To Make A Silencer For A Mini-14

The Ruger Mini-14 may be the ultimate plinker, hunting and survival rifle. If you already have the many accessories available for it, why not complete your collection with a do-it-yourself silencer? Here are step-by-step instructions to show you how to construct a tough, working silencer able to handle the high pressures generated by the Mini-14’s .223 round. All BATF rules apply.

Silencers For Hand Firearms
Silencers For Hand Firearms

One of the world’s foremost experts, Siegfried Huebner has published numerous books and articles in his native Germany, and he has drawn from extensive research at the Mauser works, Heckler & Koch and the German army proving ground to bring to you this, his first English-language text on silencers. This complete and authoritative guide includes chapters on the principles of silencers, WWII silencers, clandestine weapons and more.