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Browning Superposed

The Browning Superposed was the worlds first successful Over/Under shotgun. The first patent on the Browning Superposed was filed on 15 October, 1923.

Browning Superposed shotguns are manufactured in Belgium by Fabrique Nationale.

Articles on the Browning Superposed

The Many Faces of the Browning Superposed

The Superposed was the world’s first over and under shotgun — at least the first to be blessed with resounding success.

Browning Superposed Manual

Superposed B-25 and B-125, Continental Superposed Shotguns and Express Rifles

Books on Browning Superposed

Browning Superposed: John M. Browning's Last Legacy
Browning Superposed: John M. Browning’s Last Legacy

North America’s top-selling over and under gun is honored in more than 600 detailed photos, including 100 stunning color images, in the paperback version of the best selling The Browning Superposed. Browning fans will discover sections about Browning family business history, information about the engraving process, charts with sales data and total number of guns sold, and serial numbers for every gun produced. The Browning Superposed is a book rich in company history and sales information, that also is a photographic feast sure to inspire any collector of double-barrel firearms.