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Your Argument That the Founders Couldn’t Foresee Firearms Other than Muskets Is Invalid.


The Puckle Gun, Created in 1718 — 73 Years Before the Second Amendment.
Your Argument That the Founders Couldn’t Foresee Firearms Other than Muskets Is Invalid.


  1. Quite true. Franklin $ Jefferson were trying to invent MUCH better side arms for our Navy. Duck foot etc…

  2. there was a compressed air powered repeating rifle available at the time, they were VERY aware of deemed too $ for military

  3. ok then let’s eliminate the straight shot

  4. Th founders would want th people’s guns 2 b proportional 2 th size of the Government…You’re going 2 need bigger guns lol.

  5. Guns have evolved! This was a seen event! 2nd Amendment applies to all guns!

  6. Pennslyvania Long rifles, AKA Kentucky Long Rifles were in common use. They had already discovered rifling the barrel made

  7. the ball spin true. Using a Musket, you went hungry. Its why Americans had better weapons. We made them so we could eat

  8. That 2nd Amendment “Gun Control” Right History you argue about new Apocalypse & Armageddon forum: http://t.co/HmvvhmBylC

  9. It doesn’t matter anyway. It’s been ruled an individual right. Only way to change that in the law is a Const. amendment.

  10. Some of electricity before it was created why wouldn’t they think of guns other than muskets? Your right!

  11. I’m certain they anticipated all sorts of other issues such as Late-Term Abortion, Socialized Medicine and so on.

  12. They even foresaw potential foreigner “Manchurian Candidates” like #Obama, unfortunately to no avail.

  13. That 2nd Amendment “Gun Control” Right History They argue about Apocalypse & Armageddon forum: http://t.co/Hmvvhmjp7u

  14. They could. That’s why they left the constitution broad & open to interpretation. It’s why we have a Supreme Court

  15. @GracieNunyabiz Wouldn’t even warrant that with a reply!

  16. 1st Amendment 1 week waiting period to cool off before publishing an article. Couldn’t forsee laser printers or Internet.

  17. We already had the KY long rifle, without which we would have not won the war. Our gunsmiths were always looking

  18. for something better. Because without the best weapons you were either dead or you starved.Same as today in some towns

  19. Cuz the brilliant masterminds that founded our country never thought guns would get evolve beyond muskets. LOL!!!

  20. . In fact, the colonists’ longrifles were superior to the smoothbore muskets issued to the British Army. #tcot #teaparty

  21. especially since Kentucky long rifles were used extensively by patriot snipers!

  22. buy up all guns locknload

  23. Especially since they would have the ability to compare their tech present with their tech past as does any time in history

  24. Correct. Muskets wee the top of the line firearm of the day. Have to assume same principle would apply today.

  25. Yes. Time for background checks for 1A as words and flags are causing waaay too much violence

  26. the founders used the term ‘arms’ deliberately
    doesn’t matter if sling shots or laser guns

  27. #2A applies only to muskets like #1A only applies to words written with a quill dipped in ink on parchment.

  28. So, does failure to foresee the internet and I-phones negate free speech? Inquiring minds want to know.

  29. Following that flawed logic, the First Amendment does not apply to the internet.

  30. . Using that ‘logic’, only the PRINT NEWS should be allowed b/c “back then” they only had the printing PRESS.
    No “TV NEWS”

  31. @Gun_Shots they wanted us to have guns to defend ourselves from oppressive government and criminals like hillary clinton

  32. and the fact several of them were accomplished inventors….

  33. It’s like arguing 1st amendment is invalid as internet did not exist back in the day

  34. It Absolutly is our revolutionaries had tech advantage w/rifled barreled Kentucky rifles Brits smooth bored Brown Betty