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Why Carry a Gun?

Why carry a gun? Because a whole cop would be too heavy.


  1. To protect myself from a libtard that is not satisfied with their entitlement disgusting life.

  2. So we can shoot people. Duh

  3. cause it keeps my hips in alingment

  4. @Gun_Shots We like guns especially in Livingston Parish.

  5. cause we have 5 million extra criminals that are becoming legal criminals.

  6. Because Racists pigs are making me have to; http://t.co/t7qoakWgBf

  7. “: Why Carry a Gun? -> http://t.co/IESoVaeoc3”

    “Why did you shoot him 5 times?”

    “Because that’s all the bullets I had.”

  8. to protect myself, Im differentlyabled I needa equalizer incase I get attacked.Do I ever want 2use it? No! If have2 I Will

  9. ,cause I worked in the city and been shot ,shot at,robbed,attacked…. Try n stop me from protecting myself!

  10. Because I can’t carry a cop.

  11. .
    – Classic always good for a laugh! https://t.co/bL8uYSQoH7