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Why a Handgun That Shoots Shotgun Shells?


Why a Handgun That Shoots Shotgun Shells? Because Wrong House Motherfucker.

This is the Taurus Raging Judge — it shoot 28 gauge shotgun shells.


  1. That’s good : )

  2. I have one, not this big, but we use it for shooting snakes

  3. Because mortar shells have too much recoil…

  4. – Snake shot. I have some of those shells.

  5. I love my Judge! Best home defense weapon.

  6. poor idea… need better tolerances… better ballistic performance

  7. I don’t want to judge you for that, governor.

  8. “: Why a Handgun That Shoots Shotgun Shells? – http://t.co/lPEaqWtAad” Why not? .410 is an awsome at close range.

  9. had a buddy hoes grandfather was a gunsmith and hand built him a revolver chambered for 410 shells! Awesome handgun.

  10. Because 10 or more holes are better than one big hole.

  11. cause thats how we roll…

  12. Mine is loaded .410,45,410,45,410. Get the damn message?

  13. Because you can never have too much firepower when you’re looking for your car in a dark parking garage!!

  14. …gives new meaning to “here comes “the judge”,ya’ll! Capable of chambering both .410 2-1/2″ shotshell and .45 Colt

  15. Because fuck you, that’s why.

  16. harder to miss at close range

  17. Why a Handgun, that shoots shotgun shells? Because, among other reasons… it’s .410…not 12 Gg.

  18. because i prefer a handgun, but Biden said to get a shotgun!

  19. I’m unfollowing you because your links NEVER work. Peace.

  20. Hard to run ballistics on Buckshot!

  21. we have this! Love this one!

  22. #CrowdControl #Boom

  23. usually a good snake gun

  24. Note to self: Where a face mask when shooting this thing.

  25. There’s been derringers that shoot the 410 shotgun shells for years. They will also shoot .45 cal rounds not sure what type

  26. I wouldnt want to shoot a 12 ga. handgun though.

  27. Already illegal in the Democratic People’s Republic of California.

  28. It’s a pretty cool gun and feels better in the hand than I thought it would.

  29. . @Cl80womack
    Because I can

  30. My neighbor’s looking to get one of those. One of the reasons I stay on good terms with her…

  31. I wear bifocals, sounds great to me.

  32. @MoniqueCook20 , so you don’t shoot through the walls & risk hitting your kids while you blow a home invader in half.