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Weapons Are The Means to Liberty


Weapons Are The Means to Liberty

Your Freedoms Are Not Secured by God, a Document, or the Bravery of Your Forefathers

They are Secured Because People Fear That, Should They Try To Take Them From You, You Will Fight Back with Weapons.


  1. If not for weapons, we would have been defeated by every single one of our enemies.

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  3. ,you the Bomb,that’s a compliment here in America ,in the middle east,.it’s an Argument .#DrunkMonday,Hey!,I’m on vacation

  4. weapons may be our Achilles’ heel against the #Terrorist because everyone’s been practicing how to kill them

  5. always has been, always will be

  6. @sparky33583866 Just like porn is the means to a great sex life.

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