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Switzerland: 1 in 2 Citizens Has Guns, Lowest Crime Rate in the World


Switzerland: 1 in 2 Citizens Has Guns, Lowest Crime Rate in the World


  1. it is also forbiden to have ammo, you can only use it in practice polygons and nobody sells it

  2. the people that own guns ussually is because they give one after military training (obligatory for males).

  3. -Good!! Our family has many young friends who go to college there. We were stationed down the road @ Ft Polk. #Hooah

  4. I’m a gun supporter, but I believe the Swiss have a significantly better educated population and far fewer social problems.

  5. yes, and we have a very low crime rate too, if we exclude a few major cities.

  6. yeah but they keep the ammo locked up

  7. #Truth “: Switzerland: 1 in 2 Citizens Has Guns, Lowest Crime Rate in the World ⇒ http://t.co/aCUwFAFuFY”

  8. Not True! Swiss N Nat’l guard have weapons but few non military have them-MichaelR Board Member Swiss American Society Hou!

  9. They also don’t have many blacks so that would account for the low crime rate Don’t think its because of Gun ownership

  10. @Gun_Shots Yes but most men under 40 are army reservists & required to keep a firearnm at home locked into a gun case.

  11. Only 63 homicides in 2013. Only 8M people, 1/4 immigrants & stringent integration laws/classes. Single natl identity.

  12. And drinking and voting age is 16.

  13. do you have any oficjal source? I’m writing an articke about how gun control is useless, and i’d gratefull if u had it…

  14. I suspect it also has to do with low percentage of people on the dole. Personal responsibility and all that…

  15. “: Switzerland: 1 in 2 Citizens Has Guns, Lowest Crime Rate in the World ⇒ http://t.co/eEMwhd7cRz”

  16. American! Buy a gun now while it is still legal!

  17. @doug69 #oh the good ole days!

  18. Old military rifles in the closet. Virtually every male is a reservist. They don’t have Chicago. It’s a bad comparison.

  19. @famousquotenet I think bullets are illegal there.

  20. Ammunition is very easy to purchase legally in Switzerland (no limit on quantity), what you can’t get is military ammo (GP90) for the current SIG 550-1 rifle of the army, but this rifle can shoot civil .223 without issue and you can get 223 everywhere.
    Estimated guns in CH: between 4 and 20 million, nobody knows, no registration before 2008

  21. #WH isn’t interested in facts. It is interested in what works politically. Gun control is a requirement of any totalitarian

  22. @Gun_Shots if guns are so bad , why does Obama have 12 armed guards watch his daughter everyday…..

  23. @Gun_Shots So what we need is an enthusiastic campaign to increase US gun sales. Oh wait. We get that everytime O talks

  24. funny how that works. Country also has homogenous demographics.

  25. The vast majority of men between the ages of 20 and 30 are conscripted into the militia.

  26. @Gun_Shots Switzerland isn’t even that great an example. Take a look at Czech Republic and Slovenia too!

  27. So wait, in Switzerland guns don’t kill people but in U.S. Guns do?

  28. @w_tjw they can’t keep ammo. It is locked at shooting ranges and the like.

  29. @Gun_Shots I thought they all had guns?

  30. @Gun_Shots
    Very difficult to get Swiss citizenship, far less crime in homogeneous societies like Switzerland & Japan.

  31. Not sure there is any correlation, but it’s REALLY white too.

  32. #maybe criminals are punished? HMMMM

  33. @Gun_Shots sorry tell that to all the white women being raped by Muslims

  34. Not true(shocking!). Japan and Singapore(STRICT gun laws) have lower rates of homicide. I know, the truth isn’t as tasty.

  35. maybe it’s the chocolate

  36. okie dokey. Need a book report from you. Go read the possession laws and report back. Or don’t when U become embarrassed.