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Savage Firearms

Savage Firearms, an American gun manufacturer, was founded in 1894 by Arthur Savage in Utica, NY.

Savage manufactures muzzleloaders, centerfire and rimfire hunting rifles, and sniper rifles for police use.

Savage Firearms now manufacturers rimfire rifles in Canada.

Savage also manufactures a discount line of quality rifles sold under the brand name Stevens.

Savage Law Enforcement Series includes:

  • 10FP (.223 and .308)
  • 110FP (.25-05 Remington and .300 Winchester Magnum)
  • 10FLP Left-hand Model
  • 10FP Choate (Black synthetic, Choate adjustable stock with accessory rail and swivel studs)
  • 10FP McMillian (McMillan fiberglass tactical stock with stippled grip areas)

Articles on Savage Arms

Savage Arms: the definition of accuracy: from riches to rags to honors, this company is a study in commitment, vision and innovation! – Shooting Industry Academy of Excellence: 2003 manufacturer of the year

What happened between 1988 and 2003 to transform Savage Arms from a doomed company to one celebrated by the industry? This is a story of one man’s commitment, and a company that wouldn’t die. It’s a story of vision and innovation.

Articles on Savage Firearms Rifles

New Favorite for a new century: in the author’s opinion, no rifle was ever better named. Savage Arms’ New Favorite is a worthy inheritor of this name, and a fun project for the hobby gunsmith

Finding a good Favorite is no longer a challenge. Savage Arms announced the introduction of the new Favorite, the Model 30G in 2000. Frankly, the little rifle is just neat as a pin. In silhouette, it looks just like its predecessor. However, a casual inspection will show a few differences.

Savage Model 30 takedown

In 1920, the Stevens firm was acquired by the Savage Arms Co., which just four years ago introduced the Model 30G, a new version of the beloved old Favorite redesigned with improved safety and modem production methods in mind.

Savage Model 112 BVSS .300WSM

The rifle simply doesn’t need anything. It is already well bedded and with handloads 1/2 MOA is not hard to get. This makes it a heck of a good value at the MSRP of $696. But perhaps best of all is that you don’t have to fight the trigger.

The Savage Cub

I hope you’ll forgive me a few moments of reflection, but the opportunity to review Savage’s new Cub .22 single-shot rifle evolves strong memories of how I began shooting more than 50 years ago.

New rifle may have gun buyers saying: “This is from Savage?”

What Savage has managed to do is modify the late Nick Brewer’s 1958-design Model 110 bolt action to controlled-round feeding. That’s right! The annular bolt face that used to encircle the cartridge head and a plunger ejector are gone; in their place is a flush bolt face — the bottom half of the face anyway — and an extractor that allows the top round in the magazine to become captive to the extractor as it clears the feed rails, just like on a Mauser, Ruger 77 MK II, or a Winchester Model 70 Classic.

Savage unveils AccuTrigger

How does this sound — a rifle with a factory standard trigger, designed to be user adjustable over a range of 1.5 to 6 pounds. In addition, the new system is proven scientifically to offer a cleaner, more “crisp” release than competing trigger designs. Finally, the new trigger group is completely safe from accidental discharge if it’s jarred or dropped.

Savage Scout Rifle

Well designed and well built, this general purpose rifle has everything you need and nothing you don’t!

Stevens Favorite .22 From Savage

The new Stevens Favorite, now being made by Savage, wears a 21″ half-round, half-octagon barrel and measures 36 3/8″ in overall length. Scaled to fit younger shooters, the little rifle weighs 4 1/4 lbs. and has an abbreviated 13 1/2″ length of pull. It sports an oil-finished American walnut stock with a straight grip and Schnabel forend.

Savage 110 best-bargain boltgun: The humble Savage 110 performs out of all relation to its modest price

No product stays in production year after year, decade after decade, unless it has something special to offer. The Savage 110 has always excelled in two areas. One is value for the money. The 110 is an extremely strong, safe, reliable and durable bolt-action rifle at a moderate cost. The other area is accuracy. The Savage 110 and its variations have always been notable for their outstanding accuracy.

Savage 114-U: Elegance And Accuracy

When my first three-shot group went into a tight .75″ cloverleaf, I figured it was a fluke and that I’d not see another like it. Well, the next group spanned .78″, the next .74″”, and the next .80″!

Articles on Savage Firearms Hunting Handguns

Savage Striker: This .300 WSM powerhouse can really change your channel!

I’m sure you all have a private list of, “the world’s greatest lies.” You know, like, “I’m from the government and I’m here to help.” Most of the others can’t be printed here, but one on my list is, “It doesn’t kick much.” Anytime somebody says this you can almost bet on getting your fillings kicked out of you.

Fist full o’fury: the new Savage Striker in .300 WSM is a one-hand powerhouse

Striker! The name conjures images of coiled rattlers ready to lash out with deadly fangs. It’s a good handle for the new Savage bolt-action hunter’s pistol, especially when it’s chambered for the 21st century .300 Winchester Short Magnum.

Articles on Savage Firearms Muzzleloaders

Savage Arms Model 10 ML-II: Savage’s Modern Muzzleloader Offers Smokeless Performance

A rifle of controversy, the Savage Model 10ML has been completely redesigned — not because of flaws, but to please government mandates and alleviate concern from game departments. The ATF did not know which pigeonhole the Model 10ML belonged in, and game departments were not certain that the rifle belonged in “primitive” seasons.

Savage Firearms Patents

United States Patent 6,732,628: Portable bullet trap

United States Patent 6,516,549: Muzzle loading firearm

Savage Firearms Manuals

Instruction Manual: Lever Action Rimfire: Favorite .22 L.R.; Favorite .22 W.M.R.; Favorite .17 H.M.R.

Instruction Manual: Bolt Action Rimfire: Cub

Instruction Manual: Autoloader Rimfire: Model 62/64/954

Instruction Manual: Model 10ML-II: Muzzleloader with Accu-Trigger

Instruction Manual: Bolt Action Rimfire: Mark I, .22 S.L., L.R.; Mark II .22 L.R., H.M.2; 93 .22 W.M.R., .19 H.M.R.; Striker .22 L.R., .22 W.M.R., .17 H.M.R., .17 H.M.2

Instruction Manual: Model 24 Combination Rifle/Shotgun

Instruction Manual: Bolt Action Centerfile: Rifles; Shotguns; Varminters; Hunting Handguns

Instruction Manual: Bolt Action Centerfire: Accu-Trigger Model Rifles

Instruction Manual: Model 40: Varmint Hunter with Accu-Trigger

Instruction Manual: Bolt Action Rimfire: Target Series: Mark I .22 S.L., L.R.; Mark II .22 L.R. (Illustration Booklet Only)

Books on Savage Firearms

Savage & Stevens Arms: Collector's History
Savage & Stevens Arms: Collector’s History

A virtually comprehensive history of two legendary American arms manufacturers that is predominently derived from original catalogs, company source materials, articles, period advertising, collector books, serial numbers, collector opinions and other relevant extracts.

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  1. Just recently inherited several pistols, revolvers and rifles and from my deceased grandfather`s collection. What can you tell me about a Savage Manufacturing Company Model 1905 L/R & S/R single shot bolt action pistol?

    The weapon is in very good condition and was apparently well cared for over the years. I would love to know more about this item but not being very successful in finding it on the internet.

    Please advise and provide a website I might go to if possible.

    Thanks so much.

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