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Only Police and Soldiers Need Guns

Only Police and Soldiers Need Guns

Police and Soldiers are oppressive fascist Pigs.
Only Police and Soldiers need guns.


  1. @Gun_Shots Says who, Biden? Hahahaha !!!

  2. @Gun_Shots As once said,”You can’t fix stupid!”

  3. Hehehe stupid is as stupid does. #WeThePeople aren’t that stupid.

  4. No RT “: Only Police and Soldiers Need Guns – http://t.co/Z34oCg5Ndy”

  5. Absolutely true. Those who dont want guns are called VICTIMS. Police and big gubmint need them too.

  6. Yeah. Like Venezuela and Cuba

  7. @whitehouse @barackobama #obama and his family along with congress just need a #gunfreezone around them too for protection

  8. that is what Hitler said too and I don’t want history repeating itself 2nd Amendment is there for reason PERIOD

  9. “: Only Police and Soldiers Need #Guns ⇒ http://t.co/N5OM4XgVdK”

  10. I don’t have a gun but the presence of police and soldiers makes me feel that I need one.

  11. New Poll:Is it right for law enforcement be allowed to carry their badge and gun while off the clock? Vote here copsundergr

  12. @Gun_Shots that kind of thinking will get you killed criminals don’t follow laws

  13. Sounds like Cuomo gov of least free State NY>

  14. liberals question that assertion-don’t trust them anymore than their fellow Americans-sad there is a trust deficiency

  15. Should we send black panthers to collect the guns from the gangs and from the street thugs and then turn them to govt.

  16. What!? I do not have police or soldiers at my pad 24/7. Sometimes, 5 minutes is too long to wait for help. #RightToBareArms

  17. That’s why in Israel everyone’s a member of the military.

  18. “: Only Police and Soldiers Need #Guns ⇒ https://t.co/gc6QvBReUY” they’re a very confused lot!

  19. Only they would need guns if the government would adequately protect the people. Why do the criminals have so many rights?

  20. You would love Europe. Enjoy! Don’t come back.

  21. Only criminals need guns in my anti-gun state.