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Mossberg Rifles

The first Mossberg rifles were manufactured in 1922. Mossberg has become well-known for its inexpensive and reliable shotguns, but Mossberg has also manufactured a good variety of rifles over the years.

The only rifle currently manufactured by Mossberg is the Mossberg 100 ATR (All Terrain Rifle). The Mossberg 100 ATR is a bolt-action rifle available in .270 or .30-06.

Articles on Mossberg Rifles

Mossberg’s ATR Rifle Proves Practical Choice for Hunting

New to the Mossberg line this year is the All Terrain Rifle (ATR). These rifles have MSRP’s that range from $382-$425. It is my understanding that the world’s largest retailer is selling this rifle for around $300. Top this blaster off with decent optics, sling, and ammo and you have a good hunting set-up for under $600, for that matter under $500. Looks like Mossberg has a receipe for success.