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Mossberg Firearms

Mossberg Firearms was founded in 1919 by Oscar Mossberg and his sons Iver and Harold. The company is managed today by Alan Mossberg.

The first product of Mossberg Firearms was a .22 caliber pocket pistol. Mossberg began manufacturing rifles in 1922, but what Mossberg is really known for are their shotguns.

Mossberg manufacturers high-quality low-priced autoloading and pump shotguns. In addition, Mossberg also manufactures Maverick shotguns, which represent an even greater value for the shtgun buyer.

Articles on Mossberg Firearms

Mossberg’s operation in Mexico and Texas

The shooting industry is destined to be hearing more about the Connecticut-based O.F. Mossberg firearms combine — a lot more and in the very near future now that it is putting plants on line at Torreon, Mexico and at Eagle Pass, Texas.

Mossberg, Mavericks and Self-defense

The Maverick got its start when the people at Mossberg learned that a startling number of foreign nations were planning to enter the U.S. market with low-priced slide actions, and they decided to do something about it before that end of the stateside gun market fell to outside sources the way the auto market has been impacted. Mossberg has always thought of this as their specialty, and the Maverick pumpgun is said company’s way of defending its home turf.

Speaking with Alan Mossberg – O.F. Mossberg and Sons Inc. President

“Our competition today is not limited to U.S.R.A.C. shotguns or Remington shotguns or imported shotguns. Our competition is the Marlin .30-30, the Model 99 Winchester and any other short range rifles.

Articles on Mossberg Shotguns

Mossberg’s 410 home defender: a well-targeted shotgun

What are the three reasons customers buy guns? To hunt, to target shoot, and to defend themselves. Of the three, the trickiest to sell is a self-defense customer. Hunters know when and where they want to hunt, plinkers and competitors know how much fun target shooting is, but no one wants to use a gun to shoot another person. Convincing a customer to buy a gun they may never use can be difficult at best.

Articles on Mossberg Rifles

Mossberg’s ATR Rifle Proves Practical Choice for Hunting

New to the Mossberg line this year is the All Terrain Rifle (ATR). These rifles have MSRP’s that range from $382-$425. It is my understanding that the world’s largest retailer is selling this rifle for around $300. Top this blaster off with decent optics, sling, and ammo and you have a good hunting set-up for under $600, for that matter under $500. Looks like Mossberg has a receipe for success.

Mossberg Firearms Patents

Apparatus and method for locking firearm in an open position by blocking action

Wall-mounted locking system for firearms

Safe locking mechanism

Dislodge lever assembly for surface mountable safe

Inertial cycling system for firearms

Safety and bolt assembly system for firearms

Normally enabled firearm control system that is directionally disabled

Line carrying projectile

Home security barrel assembly

Pressure relief mechanism for gas operated firearm

Choke tube assembly

Barrel assembly for home security weapon

Gunstock having interchangeable combs

Firearm lock assembly

Compensating device for gas actuated firearms

Combined firearm carrying handle and sight

Smooth bore firearm having axially rotatable barrel

Firearm with removable barrel and telescopic sight

Retrofit firearm


Convertible shotgun

Gas actuated operating mechanism for autoloading firearm

Firing-pin blocking device for firearms

Gas-sealing means for tubular magazine gas-operated firearm

Autoloading gas-operated firearm

Magazine cap retaining means for tubular magazine firearms

Sear-disconnector for firearms

Mossberg Firearms Manuals

Models 500, 535, 590 and 835 Pump Action Shotguns

590DA Pump Action Shotgun

SSi-One Single Shot Break Action Interchangeable Rifle/Shotgun

930 and 935 Autoloading Shotgun

Model 695 Bolt Action Slug Shotgun

Reserve Series Over/Under Break Action Shotgun

Books on Mossberg Firearms

Mossberg's Shotguns
Mossberg’s Shotguns

Here is a comprehensive look at America’s favorite shotgun line as presented by the acclaimed firearms author, Duncan Long. This book contains a brief history of the company and it’s founder, full coverage of the pump and semiautomatic shotguns, rare products and a care and maintenance section. Long also includes a chapter on accessorizing the Mossberg which is sure to please the most discriminating shooter

Mossberg Guide to Modern Slug Shooting and More
Mossberg Guide to Modern Slug Shooting and More

This is possibly the most comprehensive book written covering virtually every aspect of slug shooting. It is required reading for hunters who want the best performance from their slugs guns. Diagrams and charts compare many ammunition comparisons.

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