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Killers Don’t Need Guns to Kill People.

Killers Don't Need Guns to Kill People.

If a madman wants to kill innocent people he will find a way.
Killers don’t need guns to kill people.
Timothy McVeigh used fertilizer.
9-11 terrorists used box cutters & planes.
The Nazis used cyanide gas…
Taking guns from innocent people will not protect innocent people.


  1. “: Killers Don’t Need Guns to Kill People. – http://t.co/LGC4nApGN3”~ Guns just make their killing more efficient…

  2. “: Killers Don’t Need Guns to Kill People. – http://t.co/Q57Lu9IxXA” that’s a fact jack! enter, Cain and Abel

  3. it makes the job easier no?? @piersmorgan this is what u r up against !!

  4. some dumass’s may demand action? …BUT…CONSTITUTIONAL PATRIOTS DEMAND FACTS!!… http://t.co/GY7azriucI

  5. That is the real problem.’punishing those who commit crimes no matter what the “means”.

  6. But, nobody died before guns were invented, right? RT Killers Don’t Need Guns to Kill People.

  7. – that’s before rocks and tress, not guns.

  8. – Of course not, millions of killers simply abort people anually.

  9. So true. They will always find a way.

  10. Yeah, like a car or truck is very effective. Muslim in Vegas proved that.

  11. #guns True, but more people USE GUNS to kill people than any other weapon :

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  13. I think Obama lazy,doesn’t like to think things through

  14. There were all kinds of wars and slaughters before the ninth century. That is when the Chinese discovered gunpowder!

  15. I thought it was Flo from the GEICO commercials.

  16. true, but guns make it so much more efficient and impersonal.

  17. and some use an automobile

  18. You’re correct, ask OJ!!

  19. For example: Obama has killed thousands w/o ever #TOUCHINGaGUN

  20. >humor
    >not humorous, just straight up facts

  21. it makes it way easier.