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Inanimate Objects Don’t Cause Crime

Does this make a hacker?
A slasher?
An arsonist?

Inanimate Objects Don’t Cause Crime

9 thoughts on “Inanimate Objects Don’t Cause Crime”

  1. Alcohol is an inanimate object. There are 3 times more premature deaths that involve misuse of alcohol than the premature deaths that involve the misuse of guns. The recreational and serious use of guns and the recreational use of alcohol by the vast majority of adults are not problems. Liberals generally love to use and misuse alcohol but have no interest in controlling access to alcohol to adults. Ask a liberal to explain why they should not lose their access to alcohol because it, as an inanimate object causes so much death in inner cities. Liberals compartmentalize their thinking into neat little boxes. There is no rational nor objective explanation why they are so fixated on guns and not on alcohol- Their only reasons are emotional and irrational.

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