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I Don’t Think It’s About More Gun Control

I Don't Think It's About More Gun Control

“I don’t think it’s about MORE gun control. I grew up in the south with guns everywhere & we never shot anyone. This [SHOOTING] is about people who aren’t taught THE VALUE OF LIFE.”
-Samuel L Jackson


  1. – To me, Gun Control means being able to hit your target!

  2. Amen! Not about guns! It’s about control – controlling every aspect of our lives so dependent on lib machine!

  3. Point taken, but Not a man I respect. Says justice Clarence Thomas has no moral compass. What! NS

  4. Absolutely a psychology issue, won’t change probs until that is acknowledged seriously.

  5. if truly his words, it’s the first time he’s ever spoken an ounce of truth

  6. I firmly believe this: young men’s testosterone high, making them “feral” do to lack of family/mate, which lowers & SSRIs

  7. you are a liberal that’s why


  9. Soft targets in a gun free zones! Gun control IS responsible for unhindered mass murders of innocence. Defenseless Victims!

  10. . It’s about a society that swapped legality for morality and is now paying to see the difference.