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Breakfast in Texas



  1. Gerhett Fredenburgh

    coffee should be black, gun angled out for quicker draw, and not enough bacon.

  2. got enough bacon? and where did you get the custom wood grips for your Sig?

  3. One more egg and it’s perfect

  4. I trust biscuits and sausage gravy are hiding under that bacon.

  5. Where’s the TX toast?

  6. Not enough bacon and the gun’s facing the wrong way.

  7. Not enough bacon and the gun’s facing the wrong way.

  8. they say breakfast is the most important meal of the day and this looks great!!

  9. A few more eggs, sub biscuits and gravy for the toast, and make the coffee black and you’re close

  10. No worries about Muslims showing up for breakfast there…. They don’t like bacon!

  11. Ya gotta be kidding me. Wheat toast?

  12. I’d keep a gun handy, too. Number 1 rule – “Don’t share your crispy bacon”.

  13. All wrong. The coffee’s not black, the gun should be turned over for easier pick-up, and there’s not enough bacon.

  14. …cool…your children could kill each other by mistake while you drink coffee…

  15. No, because the coffee isn’t black, the gun isn’t facing out, and there is not nearly enough bacon 😉

  16. I thought proper placement was fire arms to the left & coffee to the right. It is at our house.

  17. Breakfast in America? LOL