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Ban on New “Assault Weapons” Under Senator Dianne Feinstein

Ban on New "Assault Weapons" Under Senator Dianne Feinstein

They’re the exact same shotgun (Mossberg 500).

What makes the bottom one more dangerous than the top one?

The bottom one has a “Pistol Grip”.


  1. Dear God, Liberals make me sick… and I’m a registered Democrat…

  2. Hey America…Wecome to New York!…the last bastian of Socialist tyranny in the world…wait…you’ll be part of it soon

  3. Ah…”Good Gun”…”Bad Gun”. I used to have a deck of cards that did the same thing: Same gun, different configuration=Evil

  4. We should remove Feinstein’s armed bodyguards and see if she still supports #guncontrol #2ndAmendment #WeThePeople.

  5. I would rather ban ms Feinstein

  6. “: Ban on New “Assault Weapons” Under Senator Feinstein – http://t.co/p5CxrcmXPq”. can be ignorant Did she read her own bill

  7. I wouldn’t let that stupid bitch on top of any of my guns.

  8. @stevenphook37 Ban 2nd Amendment “Assault Politicians”

  9. How about a ban on “assault hags” such as Feinstein, under WE THE PEOPLE!

  10. she IS an assault weapon, along w/ killary. http://t.co/DmySC2qYKp

  11. gas bags of a feather float around dropping J’s for their sub-culture voters!

  12. Term limits so we aren’t stuck with politicians with dementia, or in Feinstein’s case Clinically insane.

  13. Why isn’t her mouth classified as an assault weapon? It is an insult weapon.

  14. Let’s just ban Feinstein! One problem down… next?

  15. Someone needs to toss this hag off the Golden Gate Bridge, preferably from the North Tower!

  16. along with Pelosi!!!!!

  17. “: Ban on New “Assault Weapons” Under Senator Dianne Feinstein ⇒ http://t.co/0DqA4q3q8M #Guns” hands off our damn guns #2nd

  18. someone slap that pigheaded UGLY SENILE OLD BATTY DUMB HAG BITCH

  19. Caution suggested in categorizing ‘assault’. Harry Reid nearly killed himself with an exercise rubber band!

  20. I’ll turn in my weapons when her security detail does. I mean I won’t but you get the picture. Wish she’d just go away.

  21. yeah more gun bans because of looks. Typical liberal.

  22. What people need think about is why are they trying to take away our only means of selfdefense while thugs will have guns

  23. someone should ban that but case liberal

  24. @Gun_Shots Dianne Feinstein is an Assault Weapon.

  25. She needs to be put out to pasture.

  26. “Assault” is an adjective. “Weapon” is a noun. #What is a tyrant? http://t.co/jZNnVucZeX

  27. the bottom one also has an adjustable stock

  28. Let’s optimize. “Ban on…Senator Dianne Feinstein.” Perfect.

  29. 🇺🇸Gawd, the libs are complete idiots; unless you understand their mission is to CONTROL US.😤

  30. What makes them operationally different? Nothing! It’s just easier to take the one if the other is already illegal.

  31. Perhaps she was dropped on her head as a child?? Anyway I believe a court needs to deliberate on this lib insanity!

  32. that pistol grip looked nice

  33. @desifoxx Senator @SenFeinstein needs to ban #pimps, #pornography, & #prostitution to keep our children safe!!!