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Assault Vehicles: Ban Them


Assault Vehicle

It’s black, scary-looking, and was clearly designed to kill innocent people by enabling the driver to exceed the legal speed limit by over 100mph.

32,367 people were killed on the roadways in 2011. Americans don’t need 470 HP.

Ban them.


  1. A national emergency. Where is Barak? Hilary?

    “: Assault Vehicles: Ban Them ⇒ http://t.co/Yhn46U3w91”

  2. Assault sneakers: Ban, ban, ban!

  3. I had that exact car and then upgraded to the CTS-V…loved both of them!

  4. i was nearly run over by a scooter the other day. roller skaters scare me too.

  5. don’t forget to ban swimming pools! They kill kids! What did Obama say…”If we can save even one child”…

  6. nope not included with bigO’s little demil speech LIAR as always MRAP’s not included

  7. They will through epa and cafe regulations

  8. Don’t forget to ban those assault baseball bats too!

  9. Pretty sure the latest dust up tween Russia & Turkey was the result of failed translations re a Euro feast on Thanksgiving.

  10. Don’t forget Chicago Cutlery

  11. That’s it. The Feds come in to arrest the armed white honky militia in Oregon, in assault vehicles!

  12. Nobody needs a high capacity engine that can fire 8 cylinders, or a high caliber/weight truck.

  13. Ban ferraris and vehicles weighing over 2 tons now! For out kids sake.

  14. Uh oh. Looks like my wife’s 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT is illegal.

  15. Turnip right as. Usual Crooked plays woman card https://t.co/nlIlcuRtPc

  16. Turnip right as. Usual Crooked plays woman card https://t.co/nlIlcuRtPc

  17. but, it’s a beautiful assault vehicle.



  20. never mind over a hundred mph, a car can kill anyone under the limit of thirty so should we ban all cars?

  21. @radioman253 only the gooberment should have high capacity trucks or automatic transmissions