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A Well-Armed Squirrel Keeps Its Nuts

squirrel-with-m16-and-m203squirrel-with-ar-15squirrel-with-heavy-machine-gun  squirrel-with-handgunsquirrel-with-ar   squirrel-with-ar-with-barrell-shroud squirrel-with-heavy-machine-gun-2 squirrel-with-law squirrel-with-m16  squirrel-with-machine-gun squirrel-with-revolver squirrel-with-rocket-launcher squirrel-with-rpg squirrel-with-steyr-aug squirrel-with-uziOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAsquirrel-with-ar-pistol


  1. 1 of them is not a squirrel

  2. #work for your on nuts.

  3. @Gun_Shots HA a fun time with photo shop. At times think they have no fear w/o being well armed.

  4. but a real armd sqwarl puts dinamite in em and blows shit up.

  5. Not in my backyard they don’t. 😉