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7-11’s in Israel

7-11's in Israel

7-11’s in Israel
For some reason, not a lot of robberies


  1. Do they come with Indians and Mexicans?

  2. “: 7-11’s in Israel ⇒ http://t.co/6F1optjVqH #Guns”… For you @g4danny 🙂

  3. THAT should be interesting!! THANK YOU, COME AGAIN!! ROFLMAO!!

  4. Not a lot of 7/11 robberies in #Israel!

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  5. Republicans win back the Senate and picking up more seats in the House.

  6. Note 5/6 are women (1 ?). Fewer rapes, too, I’d bet.

  7. : Look, I like this as much as the next conservative, but… those rifles are unloaded. ._.