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US Winchester Trench and Riot Guns and other US Combat Shotguns
US Winchester Trench and Riot Guns and other US Combat Shotguns

This is the first book ever written that is devoted to U.S. Combat Shotguns. The story of their development begins during the late 19th Century and carries through the Philippine Insurrection, World War I, the civil disturbances in Central America in the 1920s and ’30s, Prohibition, World War II, Korea, Vietnam, the Cold War and the Persian Gulf War.

Because the Winchester Model 1897 and 1912 were the most commonly used combat shotguns up to the Vietnam War period, the book concentrates heavily on these two models, but by no means neglects the many Remington, Stevens, Ithaca, Mossberg and other shotguns used by U.S. military forces to the present day.

A part-by-part analysis of the Winchester Models 1897 and 1912 is provided with emphasis differentiating between World War I and World War II models. Serial number ranges are listed and factory and inspector’s markings are interpreted. The differences between riot guns and trench guns are explained and the different variations of bayonet mount/handguards are described and related to serial number ranges. The many and difficult problems in determining if a particular riot or trench shotgun was used by the military during World War I is explained.

During World War II, the U.S. military purchased variety of shotguns from several different companies. Some of these shotguns were originally built and marked for the civilian market. Each variation is explained and points of identification are listed. Shotguns purchased and used by the U.S. military through the Persian Gulf War are included.

Winchester's Finest: The Model 21
Winchester’s Finest: The Model 21

The most complete guide to the finest double-barrel side-by-side shotgun made in America. Fans of this famous firearm will love this book, designated by the Olin Corporation as “the official history of the Model 21 Shotgun.” Inside, readers will find complete coverage of the evolution of the Model 21, from the early years to 1990.

Beginning with a discussion of the early development, successes and innovations in the model, the book delves into a complete exploration of frame innovations, stampings and sizes; barrel production, markings and grades; rib types; and stocks and forearms. Additional chapters cover custom, engraved and experimental models, production and sales figures, and contain an in-depth discussion of “The Custom Years” (1960-1990).