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Taurus Pistols

Articles on Taurus Pistols

The Taurus 24/7: the Brazilian-made polymer-framed pistol lives up to its name—it’s accurate and reliable, 24 hours a day 7 days a week

So what’s the bottom line on the Taurus 24/7? It is a very well built firearm designed primarily for self defense. More Important, it shoots very well and it shoots every time. The safety features are a cut above the competition and, unlike ninny polymer-frame pistols, the 24/7 also looks good.

Taurus 24/7: improving the plastic pistol

The long awaited, much delayed and mightily ballyhooed Taurus 24/7 is finally here. Taurus has joined the polymer frame pistol clan and, along the way, honed the plastic pistol concept to a new level. It would be hard to say the pistol breaks new ground, because it’s a striker-fired polymer-framed 9mm, but it does bring some good features to the table. Foremost of these is, simply put–feeling good.

Taurus PT145: A Subcompact .45 ACP Carry Gun with Surprisingly Good Features

The little .45 has superb ergonomics and is chambered for the best defense cartridge available– with a dedicated 10-round magazine capacity. The PT145 is utterly reliable, easy to shoot, accurate and gives every indication that it will give the prospective buyer a lifetime of shooting at a very reasonable price.

Taurus PT145

The PT 145 is the best concealed carry pistol seen since the Glock 30. H&K’s .45 USP compact simply does not compete with the PT 145 due to the H&K’s limited magazine capacity and larger size. The PT 145 is going to give Glock, H&K and others a serious run for their money. The PT 145 is a high quality compact pistol with superb ergonomics, is highly accurate, is chambered for what is arguably the best defense cartridge available, and has a 10-round magazine capacity.

Taurus Titanium Millennium

All Taurus Millennium pistols share a number of features which include compact size, polymer frames, DAO operation, 10+1 capacity, light weight superb ergonomics and flawless performance.

Articles on Taurus Revolvers

Taurus .17 HMR Tracker

Taurus has created an outstanding field gun with this pistol. Its 6.5-inch barrel is a great compromise between maximizing the little cartridge case’s potential performance and providing a reasonably sized carry gun. Producing muzzle velocities right around 2,000 fps with the three brands of ammo tested, the 41-ounce revolver surrenders somewhere between 500 and 600 fps to .17 HMR rifles, but can ride your hip comfortably all day long.

Trail gun extraordinaire – Taurus’ Stellar Tracker .45 ACP

All in all, we like Taurus’ Stellar Tracker. The revolver is the first in a series of Taurus revolvers chambered for rimless cartridges and others will soon follow. If the Stellar Tracker is any indication, Taurus has hit yet another home run. The Stellar Tracker is specifically designed as an “outdoors gun,” but this shouldn’t limit your opinion about it. For those who own a .45 ACP semiauto and would like a revolver in the same caliber, the Stellar Tracker is the only .45 ACP revolver currently available. In the end, if you’re seeking a lightweight, powerful, accurate and reliable revolver, Taurus’ Stellar Tracker is well worth a serious look.

Twenty four inches of twenty-two! This latest small-bore duo from Taurus takes “extreme” performance to new lengths

These are medium-sized, seven shot, double action revolvers with many excellent features. The triggers are the same width as the trigger guard and are made the way triggers are supposed to be — smooth. For ease of cocking while single action shooting, the hammers have user-friendly checkering as do the cylinder release latches. Cylinders are locked at the rear and also at the crane. Short of three locking points, with one at the end of the extractor rod, this is the best set up for locking the cylinder in place. The ejector rods on both models are protected by shrouds.

Taurus Titanium Tracker

The Tracker is a 4″, double-action revolver with adjustable sights. The rear sight blade is slanted to reduce glare, while the front sight is of the ramp variety with a pinned-in, quick-draw blade with a red insert. The smooth trigger and checkered hammer are both case-colored, while the entire finish of the Tracker looks like bead-blasted stainless.

Taurus Police 85

This low-profile, ultralight revolver can handle the hottest +P ammo and is a perfect choice for back-up or home defense.

Articles on Taurus Pistol Ammunition

Hex Bullet Hi-Jinx: Taurus’ capable copper bullet

Taurus thinks this is pretty cool stuff. “Advanced Handgun Cartridges” and “20 Superior Cartridges” are prominently printed on the box label. So is the fact the bullet is 99.95 percent pure copper. But the really important thing is the Hex Bullet trademark. To be sure, it puns the X-bullet. But it is also accurately descriptive of the projectile’s expanded shape.

Manuals for Taurus Pistols

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