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Shotgun Choke

A shotgun choke is a constriction of the bore of a shotgun. The purpose of a shotgun choke is to force the shot from the shotgun to shoot forward in a tighter pattern.

If you fire a 12 gauge shotgun shell from a barrel with no choke, approximately 40% of the shotgun pellets will remain within a 30″ diamater circle.

The more you constrict (choke) the barrel, the tighter the pattern will become. The same shell fired though a choke of .040″ will keep 75% of the shotgun pellets within the 30″ circle.

The effectiveness of a choke will vary depending upon the composition of the pellets in the shotgun shell. Harder pellets such as steel and tungsten produce tighter patterns than softer pellets made of lead or bismuth.

The best method for determining the effects of a particular shotgun choke is always to test it yourself with the shotgun shells which you use in the field.

Constriction Common Names
.000″ Cylinder
.005″ Skeet, Improved Cylinder
.007″ Skeet #2
.010″ Improved Cylinder
.012″ Modified
.015″ Light Modified
.020″ Modified
.022″ Improved Modified
.025″ Improved Modified
.030″ Improved Modified, Light Full Choke
.035″ Full Choke
.036″ Full Choke
.040″ Full Choke, Extra Full Choke

Books about Shotgunning

Shotshells and Ballistics: Ballistic Data Out to 70 Yards for Shotshells from .410-, 28-, 20-, 16-, 12-, and 10-Gauge for over 1,700 Different Loads and 23 Manufacturers
Shotshells and Ballistics

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Reloading for Shotgunners (Reloading for Shotgunners)
Reloading for Shotgunners (Reloading for Shotgunners)