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Ruger Mini-30

The Ruger Mini-30 autoloading rifle is a close relative to the Ruger Mini-14.

The Mini-30 rifle uses the 7.62×39 cartridge, while the Mini-14 is chambered in the 5.56mm (.223) caliber.

The Ruger Mini-30 rifle is gas operated and box magazine fed.

The Mini-30 is simple, reliable, and consists of a relatively few rugged components. The mechanism employs the Ruger fixed piston/moving cylinder gas system in conjunction with a simplified Garand-type rotating bolt.

The Ruger Mini-30 rifle can be field stripped for cleaning to its basic subassemblies in seconds without the use of tools.

The Mini-30 is an excellent choice if you want to use inexpensive Soviet 7.62×39 ammunition without using an SKS or AK-47.

Articles on the Ruger Mini-30

The Ruger Mini-Thirty Stainless Synthetic Rifle

I have no negatives to report about this firearm. The positives have been reliability and accuracy. The rifle started as a plinker yet provided enough accuracy that shooting it offhand at 200 yards is meaningful. Its accuracy is as good as that of my M-1 Garand.

Ruger Mini-30 Manuals

Instruction Manual for Ruger Mini-30 Autoloading Rifle

Instruction Manual for Ruger Mini-30 Autoloading Rifle