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Ruger GP100

The Ruger GP100 double-action revolver is specifically designed for heavy Magnum cartridges and embodies many features found in the famous Ruger Redhawk and Security-Six revolvers. The GP100 is the first of an entirely new generation of Ruger double action revolvers.

The Ruger GP100 is a medium-frame revolver, which positions it between the Redhawk large-frame revolver and the SP101 small-frame revolver.

The unique frame extension on the GP100 permits the use of full wrap-around style grips of any desired configuration. This feature reduces overall weight and contributes to a desirable muzzle heaviness.

The crane and cylinder assembly of the GP100 revolver locks directly into the frame, both at the rear of the cylinder and at the front of the crane.

The ejector rod on the Ruger GP100 serves only as an ejector – it does not rotate with the cylinder.

This entire mechanism is readily removable without tools and dismantles, along with the cylinder/crane group, into a small number of subassemblies for inspection and cleaning.

Ruger GP100 revolvers are available in blued or stainless steel, with fixed or adjustable sights, and with full or short barrel shrouds in lengths from 3″ to 6″.

Articles on the Ruger GP100

Maximum boogy: morphing Ruger’s uncommon GP100 into an extraordinary gorilla gun

The GP100 is an accurate revolver. It is a pretty revolver. You can take it out in the rain and it won’t rust. You can blast away with full-bore .357 loads and it will not wear out anytime soon. Purchased retail, this identical rig will set yon buck half the price of anything comparable on the market.

Range Evaluation: Ruger GP100 w/3″ Barrel

If you happy to be looking for a .357 in a medium size that’s reliable, accurate, tough, easy to clean and disassemble, shoots straight, doesn’t have an integral lock, and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, you might consider the Ruger GP100. These are darned good revolvers.

Ruger GP100 Manuals

Instruction Manual for Ruger GP100 Double Action Revolver