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Rohrbaugh, an American gun manufacturing company, was founded by Karl Rohrbaugh to create an ultimate-quality 9mm automatic pistol that is easy to carry and to conceal.

Articles on Rohrbaugh Guns

Handgun Review: Rohrbaugh R9 9mm

Despite the tall price tag, I have yet to experience any buyer’s remorse. In short, it’s most of what you’d want and more than you’d expect in a pocket sized semiautomatic pistol.

The professional’s pistol: full-caliber 9mm in a true pocket pistol

With the right pocket, ankle or even belt holster, an R9s could easily become a constant companion, able to deliver stop ping-blows should the need arrive.

Rohrbaugh Owners Manuals

Rohrbaugh R9/R9s Owners Manual

Rohrbaugh Patents

United States Patent 6,070,512: Handgun and method of operating handgun