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Mossberg Shotguns

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Mossberg’s 410 home defender: a well-targeted shotgun

What are the three reasons customers buy guns? To hunt, to target shoot, and to defend themselves. Of the three, the trickiest to sell is a self-defense customer. Hunters know when and where they want to hunt, plinkers and competitors know how much fun target shooting is, but no one wants to use a gun to shoot another person. Convincing a customer to buy a gun they may never use can be difficult at best.

Manuals for Mossberg Shotguns

Models 500, 535, 590 and 835 Pump Action Shotguns

590DA Pump Action Shotgun

SSi-One Single Shot Break Action Interchangeable Rifle/Shotgun

930 and 935 Autoloading Shotgun

Model 695 Bolt Action Slug Shotgun

Reserve Series Over/Under Break Action Shotgun

Books on Mossberg Shotguns

Mossberg's Shotguns
Mossberg’s Shotguns

Here is a comprehensive look at America’s favorite shotgun line as presented by the acclaimed firearms author, Duncan Long. This book contains a brief history of the company and it’s founder, full coverage of the pump and semiautomatic shotguns, rare products and a care and maintenance section. Long also includes a chapter on accessorizing the Mossberg which is sure to please the most discriminating shooter

Mossberg Guide to Modern Slug Shooting and More
Mossberg Guide to Modern Slug Shooting and More

This is possibly the most comprehensive book written covering virtually every aspect of slug shooting. It is required reading for hunters who want the best performance from their slugs guns. Diagrams and charts compare many ammunition comparisons.