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In 1992, the U.S. Armed Forces adopted the SiGARMS P228 9mm pistol as the M11.

The M11 is authorized for issue to armed forces personnel who require a pistol smaller than the standard M9.

The M11 model add tritium sites to the commercial SiG P229. Each M11 is also stamped with government markings.

M11 Specifications

Caliber 9-mm NATO
System of Operation Short recoil, semiautomatic
Locking System Oscillating block
Length 180 mm (7.08 inches)
Width 37 mm (1.46 inches)
Height 136 mm (5.35 inches)
Magazine Capacity 13 Rounds
Weight with Empty Magazine 745 grams (26.1 oz.)
Weight with 15-Round Magazine 830 grams (29.1 oz.)
Barrel Length 98 mm (3.86 inches)
Rifling Right-hand, six-groove (pitch 250 mm [9.84 inches])
Muzzle Velocity 375 meters per second (1,230.3 feet per second)
Muzzle Energy 569.5 Newton meters (430 foot pounds)
Maximum Range 1,800 meters (1,962.2 yards)
Maximum Effective Range 50 meters (54.7 yards)
Front Sight Blade, integral with slide
Rear Sight Notched bar, dovetailed to slide
Sighting Radius 158 mm (6.22 inches)
Safety Features Decocking/safety lever, firing pin block.
Hammer (half-cocked notch) Prevents accidental discharge.
Basic Load 45 rounds
Trigger Pull Single-Action: 4.40 pounds; Double-Action: 12.12 pounds

M11 Manuals

TM 9-1005-325-10

Operator’s Manual: Pistol, Compact, 9mm, M11.

FM 3-23.35

Combat Training with Pistols, M9 AND M11.