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Browning Hi Power

Articles on the Browning Hi Power

The Browning Hi-Power today: dominant high-capacity pistol no longer, the Hi-Power offers other virtues

Classics endure. The Browning Hi-Power is a classic. The ones made today by FN are better than ever. Throated to feed hollowpoints, “drop-safe” thanks to the Mark HI passive firing pin safety, and still with those graceful lines and that perfect fit in the hand, they are proof in steel that quality is timeless.

Double Action Hi-Power

Inarguably, the Browning Hi-Power, or P-35, is one of the most successful pistols in the world. As double-action auto pistols increased in popularity among U.S. shooters in the ’70s, speculation ran rampant that a double-action variant of the Hi-Power would be introduced. At long last, they are here.

Browning Hi Power Manual