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Benelli Shotguns

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Franchi and Stoeger get Benelli’s inertia drive

Benelli’s inertia drive system is noted for its simplicity since there are only three primary parts–the bolt body, rotating bolt head and inertia spring. It’s also noted for its speed–no shotgun action is faster–its cleanliness–it’s not tapping off gas and accumulating carbon–and for its versatility, since it can handle without adjustment everything from 2 3/4″ field loads to 3 1/2″ Magnums. It also weighs little, making the Benelli–and now Franchi and Stoeger–some of the lightest, most streamlined and best balanced semiauto shotguns in the world.

The bountiful Benelli: with more models of semiauto shotguns than any other manufacturer, Benelli offers a version for every hunter’s scattergunning needs

Benelli manufactures exactly 89 different models, more than any other brand of semiautomatic shotgun. Benelli offers more left-handed models than some makers’ entire line of semiautos!

Benelli Nova

This new Italian 12 gauge is a tough, cleverly designed and reliable field gun for turkey or waterfowl.

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M4 Super 90




Super Black Eagle