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The Piers Morgan Self Defense Plan




  1. Would love to see him in a fight. No one would take him seriously ever again… I will go toe to toe if hes got the balls?

  2. “: The Piers Morgan Self Defense Plan -> http://t.co/PHfIVfAHng” @Runolfur21

  3. In martial arts, also called #HedgehogStyle. Very effective against other hedgehogs.

  4. Didn’t we Deport @piersmorgan ?

  5. Knock knock.
    Who’s there?
    Four armed men come to rape your wife &kill you
    Oh um, just a sec I need to call Piers for advice

  6. the cops will protect you with a chalk outline around your body. You’ll be safe

  7. when it came to Rotherham England implemented don’t ask don’t tell. And strongly discouraged self defense.

  8. Where’s Morgan these days? Back to Europestan?

  9. ironic how the ppl who hate guns need the ppl with guns to come save them.