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Ruger Firearms, an American gun manufacturer, was founded in 1949 by Bill Ruger and Alex Sturm.

Ruger has focused on providing top-quality firearms at reasonable prices.

Ruger’s business is run as conservatively as its firearms design. Sturm, Ruger & Company has posted a profit every year since 1949 and has never been in debt.

Ruger Firearms manufactures the 10/22, Mini-14, and Mini-30 carbines, an excellent line of .22 caliber pistols, a few shotguns, and an enormous variety of revolvers.

Popular Ruger firearms include:

Articles on Ruger Firearms

Sturm, Ruger and Co.: the company Ruger built still makes firearms American shooters want!

“Bill Ruger challenged all of us to make the very best, quality firearms that American shooters wanted and could afford,” Sanetti said. “We may be doing things differently than the way they would have been done by Bill Ruger Sr., but that challenge will never change. It is in every firearm that comes out of Sturm, Ruger.”

An interview with Ruger’s president: translating the legacy; A tenacious pro-gun fighter, Steve Sanetti is committed to the future of Ruger

Steve Sanetti is a self-proclaimed gun nut who until becoming president of the company in 2003, was known as “Ruger’s lawyer.” Yet, he is more that a gun owner with a law degree. He has a deep passion for firearms, the industry and Sturm, Ruger and Company.

Sturm, Ruger names new president

Sanetti is a 23-year veteran of Ruger, starting as general counsel in 1980. He has served as vice president since 1993. He joined the company’s board of directors in 1998 and was named vice chairman, senior executive vice president and general counsel in 2000.

An American legend: William Batterman Ruger

Ruger has been compared to John M. Browning and called a modern American firearms genius. The accolades are well-deserved and indeed, millions of people the world over were introduced to the joys of shooting due to the quality and affordability of a Ruger firearm. From law enforcement to target shooters, hunters, precision riflemen and shotgunnets, Ruger’s legacy will continue in the form of future design innovations from his company, and in the fond memories so many have of time spent in the field with their Ruger firearms. Rest easy, Bill.

50 Years of Ruger Genius

In a half century of firearm innovation, Bill Ruger has made very few missteps. The most notable of these was the single-shot .256 Hawkeye pistol built on the Blackhawk revolver frame. The Hawkeye was a short-lived dud, but I wish I had one. Surviving copies are worth a small fortune to collectors.

Articles on Ruger Revolvers

Ruger’s powerhouse .454 Alaskan: a Pert-near perfect packin’ pistol

The .454 is as far above the .44 Magnum as the latter is beyond the .357 Magnum. We’re talking 260-grain bullets at 1,800+ fps and 300-grain bullets at 1,600+ with the .454 Casull. Because of this, I was expecting to spend some very punishing moments at the shooting bench with the .454 Super Redhawk. It didn’t happen (then) and I found the .454 Redhawk to be a very easy shooting big bore sixgun. With a 4X LER scope adding weight and the rubber cushioned grips of the Super Redhawk, test-firing was made much easier than I expected. Power Made Portable.

Customizing the Ruger old model revolver

There are several options when converting either the .357 Magnum Flat-Top or Old Model to larger calibers. Forget either the .44 or .41 Magnum as the frame and cylinder are simply too small for safety. Suitable conversions, in addition to .44 Special, are .41 Special, .38-40, .44-40, .45 Schofield, and .45 ACP.

Ruger’s Super Blackhawk – Out Of The Box

Forty-eight ounces of bear killing, hog slaughtering, deer slaying, silhouette shooting and target blasting perfection–Ruger’s famous New Model Super Blackhawk .44 Magnum is one tough, versatile six-gun.

An American classic — the Ruger Bisley: more value than you pay for, is the author’s assessment of the popular Ruger Bisley revolver

In 1986, Ruger offered to the public what is arguably the finest single-action revolver ever to be manufactured — the Ruger Bisley. Based on the popular Super Blackhawk frame, the new Bisley differs somewhat from its parent sixgun.

Return of the Ruger Hunter Model

I’m not going to be bashful about this. If I’ve yet to make my feelings plain, I believe the Ruger Super Blackhawk Hunter is an outstanding bargain. It’s accurate, rugged, versatile and priced right. I suspect that handgunners will vote with their pocketbooks, and Ruger will soon realize how wise it was to return this outstanding sixgun to the marketplace.

The legend of big red: Ruger’s Super Redhawk is awesomely powerful and exceptionally strong. Here is the story of how the biggest production revolver came into existence

The Old Man’s Super Redhawk is the ultimate big-bore revolver. It’s the strongest and the easiest-to-shoot magnum available to handgunners. The Super Redhawk is just one example of the design genius of William B. Ruger Sr.

The .30 Carbine Blackhawk: Ruger’s Enduring Dark Horse

The old GI .30 carbines are presently undergoing a resurgence of popularity, and affordable ammunition is more commonly available than was the case a few years ago. It seems likely that the .30 Blackhawk will continue in its role as a companion piece to the long guns and Ruger’s Dark Horse will continue to endure.

Reloading the .480 Ruger

When I began the process of building loads for the new .480 Ruger there was no information available. However, Hodgdon’s has now done considerable work and made information available with their powders to shooters on their website. Flying by the seat of my pants is especially enjoyable when my results align with the results of the component manufacturers.

Ruger’s Super Blackhawk: Sixgun Bargain Number 1

The Ruger Super Blackhawk has now been in production for over 40 years. It has proven to be nearly indestructible and will handle the heaviest .44 Magnum loads with ease, I expect it to be around for a long time to come.

Ruger’s Light Working Gun

In terms of intrinsic accuracy and field utility, this .45 Convertible gives up relatively little to the longer magnum chambered New Models, considering the savings in weight and overall length. All .45 ACP loads are extremely pleasant to shoot as are the traditionally loaded .45 Colts. As an accessory for the growing tribe of the .45, the Convertible Blackhawk has much to recommend it.

Articles on Ruger Centerfire Semi-Automatic Pistols

Ruger KP345: a nice clean, handy, ergonomic pistol

Several modifications led to the latest Ruger .45–the KP345–which has all the positive functioning qualities of the original P90 along with an A+ for form. It has been slimmed, given a grip frame much easier to hold on to, made lighter with a polymer frame and offered with an optional Picatinny rail. If one where were to set a course to build the perfect double-action semiautomatic with both high concealment and easy shooting qualities, the KP345 could well be the result.

P345: Extreme Makeover: Ruger’s 2×4 grip days are gone!

What we now have is a nine-shot, double action .45 from Ruger with a grip frame greatly reduced in size when compared to the original P90. In my hands, at least, this results in a comparatively soft shooting .45. By that, I mean it fits well and feels good in my hands with very little felt recoil.

Ruger’s P-Series: what’s wrong with Ruger’s P-Series semiauto pistols? Not a darn thing, says the author

If you are interested in purchasing a handgun for self-defense, law enforcement work, or just plain old plinking, you may want to consider a Ruger P-series pistol. They are accurate, reliable and bull strong handguns. priced to fit in the average workingman’s budget. You already know this, but sometimes we should give credit where it is due, and Bill Ruger and his team definitely deserve their share. I can’t wait to see what’s next!

Ruger P97

Tough, accurate and stylish, Ruger’s semi-auto, centerfire pistols just keep getting better and better.

Revisiting Ruger’s Revolvers

Rugged yet elegant, Ruger’s Double-Action revolvers were–and are–the finest ever made

Articles on Ruger Rimfile Pistols

Ruger’s Critter Gitters: Meat for the Pot Oh Boy, Oh Boy

Both the standard Mark III and Hunter Models have been tested thoroughly by not only me, but also my three grandsons. After burning up a couple bricks of .22s the boys pronounced the new Rugers as “Cool.” In teenager lingo that is comparable to an A+. They (the guns not the boys) have proven to be as reliable and accurate as previous models and totally enjoyable to shoot. We can live with the warning label on the barrel, the magazine disconnect, the loaded chamber indicator, and the internal lock with any pistol shooting as well as these do.

Ruger’s competition government model: a few words of praise for a deservedly popular pistol

The Competition Government Model sports a 6 7/8 inch slab-side barrel, wears target grade adjustable sights, is drilled and tapped for scope mount and rings (which are included with the pistol) and is made from corrosion resistant stainless steel. Weighing in at 45 ounces, this pistol is no fly-weight, however the extra weight pays dividends in the field and on the range in terms of accuracy and controllability.

Ruger’s Single-Six .17 – Out Of The Box

Carrying the catalog designation NR-617, the revolver sports a 6.5″ barrel, weighs 35 ounces, and boasts a nice blued finish with well-fitted rosewood stocks. Sights are a click adjustable rear and a sturdy serrated Patridge front ramped for holster carry. The cylinder is roll marked with the designation “17 HMR CAL.”

Articles on Ruger Rifles

Ruger’s Buffalo Rifle: It ain’t no Sharps, but it Shoots Like One

The Ruger No. 1 in .458 Lott will do anything the .45-110 Sharps will do and much more, plus both the Ruger No. 1 and Lott brass are a lot less expensive and a lot more available. The Ruger Lott is just a lot of fun

Ruger’s Big Bores: The 99/44 Deerfield and .45-70 No. 1

Whether you fancy a modern semi-auto or a traditional single shot, Ruger has a handy hunting rifle for you.

Ruger PC4

Ruger’s handy tactical carbine gets a turbocharge with this new .40 S&W chambering.

Ruger 10/22: From Factory To Fantasy

Today’s great drop-in accessories mean you don’t need to be a gunsmith to turn your rimfire into a high-performance shooter. Take a poll and you’d probably discover that the second most commonly customized firearm in the country is the humble little Ruger 10/22.

Articles on Ruger Shotguns

Ruger’s Elegant Game Gun

With its flair for blending nostalgic designs with modern production methods, Sturm, Ruger and Co. has produced another classic firearm — the Gold Label, 12 gauge, side-by-side, upland game gun.

Ruger Firearms Manuals

Instruction Manual for Ruger Mark II Autoloading Pistols: Standard, Target, Government Target, Competition, and 22/45 Models

Instruction Manual for Ruger P-Series P89, P90, P94, and P944 Manual Safety Model Pistols

Instruction Manual for Ruger P-Series P89DC, P90DC, P91DC, P93DC, P94DC, and P944DC Decocker Model Pistols

Instruction Manual for Ruger P95 Manual Safety Model Pistols

Instruction Manual for Ruger P95DC Decocker Model Pistols

Instruction Manual for Ruger P95DAO “Double Action Only” Model Pistols

Instruction Manual for Ruger P97DC Decocker Model Pistols

Instruction Manual for Ruger P97DAO “Double Action Only” Model Pistols

Instruction Manual for Ruger New Bearcat Single Action Revolvers

Instruction Manual for Ruger New Model Blackhawk, Super Blackhawk, Hunter, and Bisley Single Action Revolvers

Instruction Manual for Ruger New Model Single-Six, Bisley, and Hunter Single Action Revolvers

Instruction Manual for Ruger Vaquero and Bisley Vaquero Single Action Revolvers

Instruction Manual for Ruger Old Army “Cap and Ball” Black Powder Precussion Revolver

Instruction Manual for Ruger GP100 Double Action Revolver

Instruction Manual for Ruger SP101 Double Action Revolver

Instruction Manual for Ruger Redhawk Double-Action Revolvers

Instruction Manual for Ruger Super Redhawk and Alaskan Double Action Revolvers

Instruction Manual for Ruger Model 10/22 and Model 10/17 Autoloading Rifles

Instruction Manual for Ruger Carbine PC9, PC5, PC9GR and PC4GR

Instruction Manual for Ruger M77 Mark II and M77 Mark II Frontier Bolt Action Rifles

Instruction Manual for Ruger Mini-14 Autoloading Rifle

Instruction Manual for Ruger Mini-14 Ranch Rifle

Instruction Manual for Ruger Mini-30 Autoloading Rifle

Instruction Manual for Ruger Model 77/22, Model 77/17. and Model 77/44 Bolt Action Rifles

Instruction Manual for Ruger Model 77/50 Inline Muzzleloading Black powder Percussion Rifle

Instruction Manual for Ruger Model 96 Lever Action Rifles

Instruction Manual for Ruger No. 1 Single Shot Rifles

Instruction Manual for Ruger Over and Under Shotguns

Instruction Manual for Ruger Side-by-Side Shotguns: 12 Gauge

Instruction Manual for Ruger Trap Model Single Barrel Target Shotgun

Instruction Manual for Ruger P-Series P89DAO, P91DAO, P93DAO, P94DAO and P944DAO Double Action Only Model Pistols

Instruction Manual for Ruger Bearcat and Supercat Revolvers with serial numbers below #93-00000

Instruction Manual for Ruger New Model Blackhawk Single Action Revolver 357 Maximum Caliber

Instruction Manual for Ruger Single-Six and Super-Single Six

Instructions and Parts List for Ruger “Hawkeye” Single Shot Pistol

Instruction Manual for Ruger Security-Six, Speed-Six, and Police-Six Double Action Revolver

Instructions and Parts List for Ruger .44 Magnum Carbine

Instruction Manual for Ruger Model 44 Carbine

Instruction Manual for Ruger Mini-14 .223 (5.56) Caliber (For use with “180-” serial number prefix models

Instruction Manual for Ruger M-77 Bolt Action Rifle with serial numbers 79-50000 and above

Instruction Manual for Ruger No. 3 Single-Shot Carbine

Instruction Manual for Ruger Over and Under Shotgun: 20 and 12 gauge: Blued and Stainless Steel

Instruction Manual for Ruger Mark I Target Model and Standard Model Automatic Pistols

Instruction Manual for Ruger P85 and P85 MKII Manual Safety Model Pistols

Instruction Manual for Ruger Mark III Autoloading Pistols: Standard, Target, Government Target, Competition and 22/45 Models

Instruction Manual for Ruger P345 Manual Safety Model Pistol

Instruction Manual for Ruger 10/22 Carbine 40th Anniversary Edition Standard Model

Instruction Manual for Ruger New Vaquero Single Action Revolvers

Instruction Manual for Ruger Mini-14 Ranch Rifle with serial numbers             580-00001 and above

Instruction Manual for Ruger P345D Decock-Only Model Pistol

Instruction Manual for Ruger Mini-30 Autoloading Rifle

Instruction Manual for Ruger P95PR Manual Safety Model Pistols

Instruction Manual for Ruger P95DPR Decocker Model Pistols

Ruger Firearms Patents

United States Patent D511,364: Pistol

United States Patent 6,928,763: Firearm cylinder indexing mechanism

United States Patent D505,476: Pistol

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United States Patent 6,180,047: Method of producing a pattern mold

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Books on Ruger Firearms

0684803674.01.MZZZZZZZ Ruger Firearms
Ruger and His Guns: A History of the Man, the Company and Their Firearms

As this volume amply illustrates, Ruger is undoubtedly the most innovative American firearms designer and manufacturer of the latter 20th century and could honestly be described as a living legend in that field. As the subtitle states, this heavily illustrated volume offers a multifaceted portrait of the man and his creations. Ruger built his firearms empire by marrying the old-fashioned with the modern and improved on standard designs by pioneers Colt and Browning to produce high-quality shooting irons at reasonable prices. But along with ingenuity in design, it also took a certain bravery to release single-action handguns and single-shot rifles in a market dominated by double-action and semiautomatic weapons. His gamble, however, paid off. Wilson (Steel Canvas, LJ 1/96) offers much biographical information on Ruger plus the background, history, and statistics for each firearm made by Sturm, Ruger and Co., with numerous superb color photographs.

1581600747.01.MZZZZZZZ Ruger Firearms
Ultimate Ruger 10/22 Manual And User’s Guide

The Ruger 10/22 is one of the most popular .22-caliber rifles of all time. It is relatively inexpensive, exceptionally reliable and accurate, and easy to work on, and parts are widely available. But as good as these versatile little rifles are, they can be made even better with a little work on their triggers, actions and barrels. This work is easy to do, even for people with little or no machining or gunsmithing experience, and it is inexpensive. And after you have customized your 10/22, why not go the extra step and add a legal suppressor so that you can use your rifle for animal control, in survival situations or just to save your hearing? With this book and very little time, effort and money, you can turn your Ruger 10/22 into the ultimate do-anything weapon.

0873644883.01.MZZZZZZZ Ruger Firearms
Ruger .22 Automatic Pistol : Standard/ Mark I/ Mark II Series

Here is the definitive book about the pistol that has served more than a million owners so well. Exploded diagrams show how to field-strip and reassemble with a minimum of fuss, and photos illustrate variations, modifications and accessories for one of the most popular .22 automatics ever made.

0873645146.01.MZZZZZZZ Ruger Firearms
Ruger 1022 Exotic Weapons System

Now you can convert your Ruger 1022 into a selective-fire weapon that can fire over 1,000 rounds per minute. Build the parts that will transform your Ruger 1022 to full auto – without modifying the receiver or trigger housing. Over 60 explicit photos, machinist’s drawings and full-scale templates accompany the detailed instructions.

0873644492.01.MZZZZZZZ Ruger Firearms
Sturm, Ruger 10/22 Rifle and .44 Magnum Carbine

Legendary reliability and classic design are the hallmarks of the Ruger 10/22 rifle and its forerunner, the .44 Magnum Carbine. In this in-depth look at both weapons, noted firearms author Duncan Long covers specs, troubleshooting, ammo and accessories – this book’s got it all! Get your hands on a classic.

0873644077.01.MZZZZZZZ Ruger Firearms
Mini-14 : The Plinker, Hunter, Assault, And Everything Else Rifle

The Mini-14 is the most versatile modern rifle, used by homeowners, hunters, survivalists, law enforce-ment agencies and military forces. An infinite number of Mini-14s may be constructed with the many marketed accessories. Here is the Mini-14′s history, model specifications and much more.

0873645898.01.MZZZZZZZ Ruger Firearms
Mini-14 Super Systems

If you want your Mini-14 to fit your body, needs and pocketbook, here’s the authoritative source on customizing this inexpensive, reliable rifle into an exotic super system. Find out how to boost your Mini-14′s firepower (legally) so that it will not only generate a lot of double takes, but also deliver – at the range, in the field or in critical moments of self-defense.

0873645278.01.MZZZZZZZ Ruger Firearms
Mini-14 Exotic Weapons System

Convert your Mini into a full-auto, silenced, SWAT-type weapon that is capable of field-clearing firepower. This conversion process requires no machining or special tools. Once completed, it takes just five minutes to drop in the Automatic Connector (the book’s secret!) or remove it as needed. It’s that simple!

0873649133.01.MZZZZZZZ Ruger Firearms
How To Make A Silencer For A Mini-14

The Ruger Mini-14 may be the ultimate plinker, hunting and survival rifle. If you already have the many accessories available for it, why not complete your collection with a do-it-yourself silencer? Here are step-by-step instructions to show you how to construct a tough, working silencer able to handle the high pressures generated by the Mini-14′s .223 round. All BATF rules apply.

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