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Handguns are the tools of choice for self-defense. Rifles are better for military combat. Shotguns are better for home defense. For self-defense, nothing compares to… Read More »Handguns

Ruger GP100

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The Ruger GP100 double-action revolver is specifically designed for heavy Magnum cartridges and embodies many features found in the famous Ruger Redhawk and Security-Six revolvers.… Read More »Ruger GP100


The M9 is a light weight, semiautomatic pistol manufactured by Beretta and designed to replace the M1911A1 .45 caliber pistol and .38 caliber revolvers. The… Read More »M9

Colt Handguns

Articles on Colt Handguns Articles on Colt Semi-Automatic Pistols Colt 1903 redux: some dead horses aren’t Some guns are timeless in design and function. The… Read More »Colt Handguns

Ruger SP101

The Ruger SP101 is a double-action small-frame revolver designed for concealed carry or for us by smaller shooters. Ruger SP101 revolvers are available in .22… Read More »Ruger SP101

S&W Handguns

Articles on S&W Semi-Automatic Handguns Smith & Wesson SW-99 Compact While I am not a big fan of making guns compact “just because,” the SW-99… Read More »S&W Handguns


In 1992, the U.S. Armed Forces adopted the SiGARMS P228 9mm pistol as the M11. The M11 is authorized for issue to armed forces personnel… Read More »M11