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Taurus Pistols

Articles on Taurus Pistols The Taurus 24/7: the Brazilian-made polymer-framed pistol lives up to its nameĀ—it’s accurate and reliable, 24 hours a day 7 days a week So what’s the bottom line on the Taurus 24/7? It is a very well built firearm designed primarily for self defense. More Important, it shoots very well and it shoots every time. The ...

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Ruger Handguns

Popular Ruger handguns include: Ruger GP100 Ruger SP101 Articles on Ruger Handguns Articles on Ruger Revolvers Ruger’s powerhouse .454 Alaskan: a Pert-near perfect packin’ pistol The .454 is as far above the .44 Magnum as the latter is beyond the .357 Magnum. We’re talking 260-grain bullets at 1,800+ fps and 300-grain bullets at 1,600+ with the .454 Casull. Because of ...

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Kimber Pistols

Kimber is currently the worlds leading manufacturer of 1911 pistols. Articles on 1911-style Kimber Pistols Desert Warrior: Kimber honors the troops with the military-tough Warrior series! One might say the Marines are a bit old fashioned but then again he might say they knew better than to fix something that wasn’t broke. What they did want were good night sights, ...

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Smith and Wesson 500

The Smith and Wesson 500 is the most powerful production revolver in the world. Due to government restrictions, the Smith and Wesson 500 is very likely to hold that title for a very long time — the government will not allow honest citizens to own handguns in a caliber greater than .50! The 500 S&W cartridge generates 2,600 foot pounds ...

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