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Taurus Pistols

Articles on Taurus Pistols The Taurus 24/7: the Brazilian-made polymer-framed pistol lives up to its name—it’s accurate and reliable, 24 hours a day 7 days… Read More »Taurus Pistols

Ruger Handguns

Popular Ruger handguns include: Ruger GP100 Ruger SP101 Articles on Ruger Handguns Articles on Ruger Revolvers Ruger’s powerhouse .454 Alaskan: a Pert-near perfect packin’ pistol… Read More »Ruger Handguns

Kimber Pistols

Kimber is currently the worlds leading manufacturer of 1911 pistols. Articles on 1911-style Kimber Pistols Desert Warrior: Kimber honors the troops with the military-tough Warrior… Read More »Kimber Pistols