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Gun Silencers and Suppressors

Adding a firearm silencer or suppressor to your rifle or hand-gun can greatly improve the pleasure of your shooting experience. Over a long period of exposure, shooting can permanently damage your hearing – even if you are wearing firearm hearing protection. Homemade gun silencers are not difficult to build for most types of firearms. You can build a homemade rifle ...

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How to Make a Silencer

Brian Douglas Kendall A firearm silencer, also known as a suppressor, works in the same way as a car muffler. The muffler consists of chambers for the compression to be dispersed and the sound to be redirected or absorbed. Heat is also reduced throughout the muffler system. A firearm silencer works on the same principle. There are generally three sections ...

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Suppressor / Silencer

by Shadow Spawn Silencers The manufacture of silencers [without proper licensing] is highly illegal in the United States. I am NOT responsible for ARREST, DEATH or DAMAGE. Remember if you construct one of the silencers in this article it is your choice. There exists a great deal of misinformation surrounding the topic of firearm silencers or low signature systems as they are ...

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