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The worlds best firearm, in the hands of the worlds best shooter, will perform poorly if fed low-quality ammunition. Purchasing discount ammunition in bulk from… Read More »Ammunition

Ballistics Coefficient

Ballistics Coefficient is the ratio of a bullets Sectional Density to its coefficient of form. Coefficient of form is a number which describes a bullets shape. Ballistics Coefficient is important because, all other variables being equal, a bullet… Read More »Ballistics Coefficient

Reloading Data

Independent Reloading Data Reloading Data from Ammunition Manufacturers Reloading Safety Information Reloading Forms Introductions to Reloading Downloadable Free Software for Reloading Web Based Free Software… Read More »Reloading Data


The 9mm cartridge was developed in the first decade of the 20th century by Georg Luger for use in his distinctive pistols. The cartridge went… Read More »9mm

Shot Sizes

Shotgun pellets, or shot are the most common projectiles fired from shotguns. Shotgun pellets were traditionally made of lead, but have also been manufactured from… Read More »Shot Sizes

Shotgun Shells

Wholesale and Discount Shotgun Shells Manufacturers of Shotgun Shells Books on Shotgun Shells Wholesale and Discount Shotgun Shells Sportsman’s Guide Cheaper Than Dirt America’s Leading… Read More »Shotgun Shells


The best firearm in the world will perform horribly if not fed equally good ammunition. A well-designed round can significantly increase the accuracy and stopping… Read More »Ballistics