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A Media Guide to the AR 15 Rifle

A Media Guide to the AR 15 Rifle Known more commonly in the media as a “Machine Gun”, or “Assault Rifle” The common machinegun as used in hundreds of crimes across the US. Easily purchased at Wal-Mart for only $500. Anyone over 21 in most states can own one with no limits! This is absolutely the truth because we are ...

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Killers Don’t Need Guns to Kill People.

If a madman wants to kill innocent people he will find a way. Killers don’t need guns to kill people. Timothy McVeigh used fertilizer. 9-11 terrorists used box cutters & planes. The Nazis used cyanide gas… Taking guns from innocent people will not protect innocent people.

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Handguns are the tools of choice for self-defense. Rifles are better for military combat. Shotguns are better for home defense. For self-defense, nothing compares to a good handgun. Every adult should own and be capable of operating a handgun for their own defense. The handgun should be at least 9mm (or .38 caliber, if a revolver). The handgun should be ...

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Kahr Arms

Kahr Arms, an American gun manufacturing company, was founded by Justin Moon, who personally designed the firms first firearms and holds seven U.S. patents for firearm design. Justin Moon is a member of the Unification Church and is the son of the church’s founder, the Reverend Sun Myung Moon. Justin was born in Seoul, Korea, on July 17, 1970. Justin ...

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