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Yes, It’s True You Don’t Need Thirty Rounds To Kill a Deer…


Yes, It’s True You Don’t Need Thirty Rounds To Kill a Deer… but the Second Amendment Ain’t About Shooting at Deer.


  1. You do need 30 to defend against a tyrannical government as our #FoundingFathers warned of.

  2. lol I don’t get how that was humor and not just pointing out the obvious.

  3. don’t kill animals period!!!

  4. “30”? I want as many rounds as I may need for whatever contengency, be it foreign or domestic. R.e.: “Reloading is stupid”

  5. But you do need thirty rounds to kill 30 scum, gutter thugs who are trying to kill you.

  6. but to kill a group of home invaders maybe so

  7. nor is it “The Bill of needs”! More ppl injured & die as a result of alcohol & vehicles. Anyone trying to take them away?

  8. How about 31 looters trying to burn down your store? That your FAMILY LIVES ABOVE?

  9. But you do to kill thirty deer.

  10. You do if you miss with the first 29 rounds. Or you might need one for that poisonous snake that came up on you.

  11. Young In the 80’s. Rambo came out. I would of then begged to differ with you. But now days yes one bullet is just fine.

  12. I hunt with my AK just to prove a point. Nope, don’t need 30 rounds, but that is what I’m using.

  13. No you don’t, variety is best, i’ve hit more driving then hunting. Shot 2, hit 5 w/3 cars and had 1 ram the side of my car.

  14. it doesn’t say anything in the constitution about hunting that’s not why I own guns

  15. unless you’re a very bad shot. Lol

  16. @barbdahlia If you do, you need to take up fishing.

  17. Anyone who needs more than one round shouldn’t be hunting.

  18. 29 are for practice so the 30th hits the target

  19. Would if a group of 30 deer run across in front of you. Feed the neighborhood. Blamo

  20. Honestly, if it takes you than 2 you shouldn’t be hunting. You should be at the firing range improving your marksmabship.

  21. Unless is Dear Government.

  22. we all know who needs it. We need loads of ammo

  23. CORRECT. It’s about being able to fight against the Communists and for the freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution.

  24. what if you’re a REALLY bad shot?