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Women are Not Capable of Defending Themselves…


Women are Not Capable of Defending Themselves with Death Machines We Call Guns!



  2. I have 3 loaded guns that say otherwise and some very large trash bags.

  3. Hey Dianne Feinstein, my response will be… ~ RT frm http://t.co/JxJdBuTASs ~ #guns #guncontrol #military

  4. Wow! A female trying to paint all women as victims. Whoda thunk it?

  5. Again, WHO continues to vote for these idiots? #dumbanddumber #californication Remember this: https://t.co/Au40RZ5Uyn

  6. Tell that to the Kurdish women who have been actively fighting ISIS and winning. What a numbskull.

  7. Samuel Colt fixed all that. ;<) #2ndAmendment

  8. Oh, yeah I’ve got a gun

  9. Bullshit, tell that to the women of the US military.

  10. lol. I have a 9mm that says otherwise

  11. Ever been chased thru woods by mad redhead scotswoman screaming like a banshee wielding sword? If that fails I got my 9mm.

  12. I don’t understand the joke but I love the women’s responses!

  13. they are more than able if given the chance

  14. Asinine statement Feinstein, yet totally unsurprising!

  15. really. Tell that to female veterans, female firefighters and female cops who defend others. 🙂

  16. yeah sure a whistle or peeing myself is a better defense than my Springfield XD .45? NOT!

  17. Is that why #BillClinton is campaigning for @HillaryClinton?

  18. Who is this grizzled and offensive old cunt?

  19. And they say Democrat’s aren’t Sexists

  20. but we’re putting them in combat roles with men

  21. #feinstein Come go with me to the range! Then say that again!

  22. don’t take your stock out on cotton or life insurance – have an idea someone might need the use of both 😉 lol

  23. now imagine if a conservative politician said this

  24. When is that old bat gonna retire?!!

  25. She must be talking of liberal women. Because all the real women I know can shoot.

  26. the old dum-dum used to carry…#termlimits

  27. the old dum-dum used to carry…#termlimits

  28. So lets start drafting women ASAP! Equality now!