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Why Don’t We Defend Our Children The Same Way We Defend Our President?



  1. if some defended their kids like our president. They’d be drugs..WAIT http://t.co/EOUfZ20uOY

  2. because they have idiots out there that think BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA is worth protecting! Biggest lie ever!

  3. Cuz our kids aren’t as stupid and don’t need defending.


  5. Well #Obama doesn’t want to Upset Children seeing Guns around them. Where as He Would be Upset Not Seeing Guns around Him.

  6. : We OWN our children; the President owns us. Why do abused protect abusers? Fear…

  7. simple, these people are high ranking members of the party, our children are replaceable for the state proletariat

  8. # buy a gun get your concealed carry and put your convictions to work

  9. This feels like a way to protect kids. It isn’t one, but it feels like one.

  10. Because they’re at “daycare.”

  11. kind of like school buses don’t even have seat belts but by golly a drug dealer must be buckled up a police van.

  12. Children only important when it fits a narrative it seems!

  13. yes we should, I’d like to know when was the last time the secret service killed an assassin with a gun instead of tackling them? Seem to remember their priority being defending the president instead of shooting into crowds, preventing those who are armed from getting close (via screening crowds), and tackling anyone who does attack.

  14. nobody is defending your president.They are to scared to stand up to him.Impeach him.

  15. If we treated our kids as good as our pets.