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Why Does Anyone Need an AR-15 With 30 Rounds of Ammo?


Why Does Anyone Need an AR-15 With 30 Rounds of Ammo?


  1. because that is my constitutional right

  2. I don’t need one; however, I do have a constitutional right to own one and if we give up one right such as gun ownership, how long before other rights such as freedom of the press and freedom to worship as you desire disappear too?

  3. perhaps just a collector?

  4. Because the 100 round clips are hard to find, sold out.

  5. Because it’s always better to have extra rounds in case you’re a lousy aim!

  6. there might be two of em?

  7. To ensure your ammo doesn’t run out before the bad guys do. #AR15 What if 31 zombies showed up? Hmm?

  8. because there are more than 30 scumbag, loser, looters!

  9. I agree…much better to have 100 rounds…>;-)

  10. So I don’t have to reload as often?

  11. cuz it’s waaaay fun!

  12. “: Why Does Anyone Need an AR-15 With 30 Rounds of Ammo? ⇒ http://t.co/NUEaFS5pqM” To hold off ISIS while kids reload clips.

  13. none of your stupid business

  14. Because the first 29 might not do the job?

  15. because there are more than 30 members of congress

  16. to fight global warming. Now, that makes it PC

  17. let’s take it back 2 Katrina. Ur on the roof of your business, your livelihood, 10-15 men approach your store. There are NO

  18. police to call! It’s ur life & property, or their’s! U want 30 round mags, or 10??

  19. not a question of need…I want

  20. it’s our right. Except in liberal shit hole California

  21. @TanyaMorris127 for the idiot that has 20 rounds shooting at me. I wanna have the last shot.

  22. Um, because, NONE of your business.

  23. who are you to decide what people need.

  24. cause it’s not about hunting. It’s about our right to protect ourselves from a tyrannical govt. Second Amendment guarantee

  25. This a joke question, and I laughted at cartoon.!!
    Any1 who would ask this in earnest is fool.

  26. To be as well armed as the bad guys!

  27. 30 hostile intruders shouting alllafuckbaaar lol

  28. Because 60 rounds weighs too much.

  29. Guns don’t kill People,People with guns kill People.

  30. @wood_brdwood68 misspelling ‘sqaure’ adds to the comedy

  31. Why the hell not?! Bigger is better.

  32. why does anyone need Obama care☠

  33. why you think guns are made for one reason weapons of mass destruction

  34. Why should anyone have to answer that question in a free country? Why does any need a No Gun Zone? Maybe: No Kill Zone?

  35. that and just in case someone tries to take my guns!

  36. you say that now, just wait for the zombie horde to overrun your cabin