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This is a Rape Whistle


This is a Rape Whistle


  1. Prefer a 45ACP 1911 but I guess even a Glock will do.

  2. You got that straight.

  3. So Agreed! That’s conservatives’ version of Rape Whistle. Give the real whistle to #Liberals

  4. one tweet will do it.

  5. In some neighborhoods a ‘rape whistle’ would only alert more attackers of your location . . .

  6. Yeah but you really don’t want to put it up to your mouth when you use it.

  7. Yes , who’s to say the last sound they hear, is not a loud whistle.

  8. it’s also a camera. The rapist should look into the end with hole and wait for flash.

  9. #voteout #anti #gun #pro #terror #corrupt #hillaryclinton #democrats #regimes https://t.co/rMsWpaJqA5

  10. And its very very effective !!