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There has Never Been a Mass Shooting At a Rifle Range

There has Never Been a Mass Shooting At a Rifle Range – Guess Why That Is?


  1. Must be those magazine limits 😉

  2. … kids have died there and I’m sure that’s not laughable.

  3. Unless you count paper targets; most do not survive.

  4. haven’t heard of any occurring at gun stores eithet

  5. gee I wonder y no really I wonder can’t possibly think what the reason could b that it never happened guns lots of guns OH

  6. Yep, if people can shoot back cowards wont attack

  7. not in my school district. We have armed officers IN the school.

  8. And no armed robberies at a gun show. Hmmm.

  9. not until muslims start going

  10. I love you man. you’re alright with me.

  11. Need to get rid of that post and tweet, For the memory of Chris Kyle.

  12. yea, this was a bad choice!

  13. yes there has! People line up and fire away all the time!

  14. I would think so..children and youth should not be exposed to
    drugs so readily.

  15. yes there has Chris Paul was 1 of 2. You Muppets; learn your history

  16. @Gun_Shots Is that not how #ChrisKyle Died?

  17. Switzerland has lowest gun related crimes.
    gov trains every adult & issue a. fully-automatic rifle.

  18. Wasn’t American sniper Chris Kyle shot at a rifle range? I know it wasn’t a mass shooting but the shooter Eddie Ray Routh lived and all the guns didnt stop him.

  19. @DDHonee I get the point, but Chris Kyle and his buddy were killed at a range. #neverforget

  20. tell that to the ignorant Democrats

  21. @Gun_Shots Okay, she’s kinda hot.

  22. Well, unless you count the Fig 11’s 🙂 @Gun_Shots

  23. @potus because a shooting range is NOT a #GUNFREEZONE!!! just like #obama and #hillary are protected by ARMED security

  24. They would get their A$$ #shot off!

  25. Chris Kyle and his friend were killed at a gun range. Only 2, not 4 were killed, so not a mass shooting.

  26. I’m sure Kyle rests in his grave a bit better knowing that.🙄 #weak https://t.co/xA6JnMEAsw