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The Genocide Chart

The Genocide Chart

The Genocide Chart


  1. Why I oppose gun registration-

    “: The Genocide Chart – http://t.co/rHRxUYm0Gy”

  2. I don’t know if any body noticed the more guns were banned the more people were slaughtered ?

  3. – so what you’re saying is the first step to begin genocide is to make severely restrictive gun laws? Learn from history.

  4. Though still humble in numbers this WH means to neutralize at least 300 mil Americans. We’ll be on the chart.

  5. I wonder why the current genocide in South Africa isn’t included on this chart?

  6. khmer rouge. hadn’t thought of them in forever. *blows dust off brain*

  7. In Obama’s versionof #SimCity, other people build youcitys, not you.

  8. Good for gun control idiots. More guns = less crime. Gun control leads to genocide.