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Since the Gun Ban in Australia

Since the Gun Ban in Australia

Armed Robberies – 69%
Assaults W/Guns – 28%
Gun Murders – 19%
Home Invasions – 21%


  1. Wait, has someone told @piersmorgan?oh wait he ignores facts, never mind

  2. How many lives are lost, because of the idiots in government helped the murderers, and rapists, by disarming citizens?

  3. funny how criminals never take any notice of government bans on guns!

  4. home invasions are a big problem here in AU. Crims know they safe from armed home owners.

  5. Absolute rubbish cherry picking data.

  6. But there’s less violence, right?

  7. And anti gun lobbyists wants me to believe that the cops will protect me,or that criminals live by the same rules as I do

  8. . That’s what happens when bad guys know their prey is unarmed. NRA has been telling people that for years.

  9. #tclot #tlot So the effect of making the entire country a gun-free zone?

  10. Progressive gun grabbers conveniently will ignore these stats.

  11. It’s more gun “regulation”. There’s no ban on owning a firearm.

  12. Why are facts in this article refute your post? http://t.co/pP0sr4d34a

  13. Gun bans eventually reduce crime in police states, but it obliterates liberty and turns people into sheep afraid to speak.

  14. Don’t have to be that sharp to have seen that one coming “: Since the Gun Ban in Australia ⇒ http://t.co/DgnauMRmia #Guns”

  15. @Gun_Shots how can that BE ?

  16. I don’t believe it Just like here in America they make laws to stop bad people from getting guns

  17. This is what liberals want followed by martial law.

  18. People might actually believe that.

  19. IF everyone were like ME,

    @AllenWest @greta @DarrellIssa @SenMikeLee @TGowdySC @tedcruz @PRyan @NRO

  20. @Gun_Shots Hey Assies! How is that working out for YOU!!!

  21. Sat next to Aust politician on flight, all he could talk about is American gun violence.

  22. Not really surprise about this country doing stupid shit i mean they allow avunculate marriage lol.

  23. …You call that humor? It’s pathetic & typical of what happens when only criminals have weapons. Look @ Venezuela’s crime.

  24. this is simply just not true